Keeping a relationship alive may be fraught with difficulties and obstacles, particularly in an industry as competitive as Hollywood’s. Finding a happy medium between hectic work schedules and quality time spent together may be challenging, but the rewards are well worth it for couples who are willing to put in the effort. Maury Povich and Connie Chung are an example of one of these couples.

Povich was born on January 17, 1939, and is most famous for being the host of the discussion program “Maury” on television. Povich’s birthday is January 17. He started off his professional life as a radio reporter, but not long after that, he transitioned to become the anchor of a magazine-style entertainment program called “A Current Affair.” Povich’s own program, which debuted in 1991 and ran for a total of 31 seasons until being canceled in 2021, was the vehicle through which he first successfully attracted the attention of the public.

Chung was born on August 20, 1946, and she is most known for her time spent working as a television anchor and journalist for a number of networks. Chung’s career spanned more than half a century. She has previous experience working for stations that are affiliated with networks such as NBC, CBS, and MSNBC. Even after getting married in 2006, she continued to work alongside her spouse.

Many are still learning that Povich and Chung are in a relationship, and one that has lasted for such a long time, despite the fact that the two have been together for more than four decades. The contented couple have each gone through a lot in their own lives as well as in their life together, and they have even started a lovely family together with one another.

Povich and Chung have been together for 44 years, during which time they have been married for 38 of those years. This may not be the first time either of them has been in a relationship that lasted for a significant amount of time, but it certainly gives the impression that they have found something truly remarkable. Continue reading to learn more about their stunningly lovely love story.

It would seem that Povich, 81, and Chung, 76, have figured out the secret to having a successful relationship that lasts for decades upon decades. They have been together for almost 40 years. The contented pair has spent the last 44 years of their lives together, 38 of which have been spent married. Povich said in an interview with People that took place in October 2020, “There’s no need for any do-overs. Maybe it is the key to our continued happiness as a married couple.” Chung had the same sentiment, adding, “If I could go back in time, I would relive every experience.”

According to the article, Povich and Chung had known one other for approximately ten years before they started dating each other. Chung told People that in 1969 she worked as a copygirl at a small television station in Washington, District of Columbia, when “he was a great celebrity and I was just a youngster.” “He had a pretty rough demeanor and a very straightforward way of speaking. Never once did he glance up.

The former newscaster on television went on to say:

“I couldn’t help but keep wondering, ‘Maybe someday he’ll accept that I’m a human being.'” After working there for two years, I decided to start a new chapter in my life and moved on, leaving him behind in the process.

They were ultimately able to catch up with each other six years after their first encounter, which thankfully did not turn out to be the last time they ever saw one other. The Daily Mail reports that Chung was working as an anchor at a CBS affiliate station in Los Angeles, California, when Povich was recruited to serve beside her as a co-anchor. Povich laughed as she remembered the day when she was Connie’s “second banana.”

Phyllis Minkoff was Povich’s first wife at the time, and they had a child together. Yet, Povich was married to her at the time. The then-couple were married from 1962 till 1979 and during that time they had two kids together.

According to the Daily Mail, Povich was terminated from his post only six months later, despite the fact that the relationship he had with Chung continued to exist. Povich elucidated, “I have always stated that the way to gain Connie’s heart is first for her to pity you, and then she can love you,” which is the method to win her affection. “She felt sorry for me despite the fact that I had been dismissed.”

Povich and Chung both became more busy with their own jobs over time, but it did not prevent them from recognizing the chemistry that existed between one another. Povich got a divorce from his first wife in 1979, and then he married Chung six years after the divorce was finalized. Povich has been the host of “Maury” since it first aired in 1991, but Chung has had a quite unpredictable professional path.

Povich said that they had always respected one other’s professions, as well as each other’s personal space and ideals.

Since then, the couple has been together for more than forty years, which demonstrates how much work they have put into making their relationship one that will last the test of time. According to the Daily Mail, despite the couple’s struggles with infertility, they were able to become parents to a boy via adoption in the year 1995.

When asked how they’ve managed to keep their marriage going for so long, Povich responded by saying that “whatever conversations or disputes go on throughout the day, once the head hits the pillow, it’s finished and not to be rehashed the following morning.” That has not even crossed my head.

Chung continued by saying, “It is genuinely wonderful, but I retain grudges, and I need to continue to fight it out, no matter what it is.” Thankfully, it is obvious that their differences have helped to balance one other out, which has resulted in a marriage that is really stunning.

Chung said in an interview with People in 1989 that she “really felt from the beginning that Maury was the one, but I simply didn’t have it in me to commit myself.” I was having a wonderful, wonderful time.”

Yet, once they were married, their competing professional goals forced them to spend a significant portion of their early years together apart, despite the fact that this may have been for the best.

The contented couple agreed to an interview with CBS Sunday Morning in May of 2022. Chung said, “Sure, it was great!” when Povich stated, “We dated for nearly seven years, never lived together.” Povich said, “We never lived together.”

Even after the couple had exchanged vows in 1984, Chung said, “We were living in two separate places, and that made it the ideal marriage.”

As everything was going on, Povich was gushing about how much of a great impact Chung had on his career as a writer. He said:

“For close to four decades, people have addressed me as Mr. Chung. I mean, if you look at it in terms of my work, you could clearly trace that all of my success, including my national success, happened after I married this lady. This is the case whether you look at it in terms of my job or my personal life. … she calmed me down, she supported me, and she believed in what I could bring to the table.”

When asked about the qualities that they now like in one another, the couple revealed their endearing and hilarious sides.

Chung said, “I see a handsome guy,” to which Povich retorted, “No!… I don’t.” In most cases, what she will notice is something along the lines of “you know, there’s a little lint here, there’s a little lint there…”

Chung said, “Oh, Maury. You see the most gorgeous lady I could ever imagine,” in response to Povich’s statement that he sees “the most beautiful woman I could ever conceive.” I’ve become a prune. I’m becoming smaller, and I’m almost up to your naval.

It is obvious that their goofy banter and the childlike delight they had in being in one other’s company undoubtedly contributed to the longevity of their relationship.

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