In preparation for her birthday, Kate Middleton is getting ready.

She will likely celebrate her 42nd birthday this weekend, surrounded by family and friends, including her husband, Prince William, and their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. The Princess of Wales will be 42 on Tuesday, and she will likely celebrate this event before the weekend.

Although the celebration of Princess Kate’s birthday is often a low-key and private occasion, we are aware of a few specifics about the manner in which she has been honored in previous years.

In spite of the fact that the Prince and Princess of Wales have relocated their principal house from London to Windsor in 2022, it is quite probable that Kate will celebrate her birthday at Anmer Hall, the country home that they own in Norfolk. Anmer Hall, which is situated around 136 kilometers (110 miles) to the north of London, was a present from Queen Elizabeth for the royal couple’s wedding in 2011. It is reported that Kate feels the most at ease in this location. It is the place where the five members of the family often go to get away on the weekends, holidays, and school breaks. Prince George, who is ten years old, Princess Charlotte, who is eight years old, and Prince Louis, who is five years old, are now on a school holiday that coincides with Christmas. Therefore, Prince William and Princess Kate have not yet been seen doing a royal duty in the year 2024.

The Prince of Wales, who is 41 years old, and his wife, Princess Kate, often reserve a weekend at the beginning of the year to host their family and friends for a few days of shooting and other activities that are associated with the countryside. Carole and Michael Middleton, Kate’s parents, as well as William’s childhood friend Tom van Straubenzee and his wife Lucy Lanigan-O’Keeffe, James Meade and his wife Laura, and Sophie Snuggs and her husband Robert, a neighbor and old acquaintance, have all been on the guest list in the past.

In addition, Queen Elizabeth had invited them to supper at Sandringham House during the time when she was still alive in 2022.

They have been spotted attending mass at St. Mary Magdalene church on the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, which is where the royal family just spent Christmas. Kate and William have been seen attending mass on the weekends that have passed since their birthdays.

Twenty-one years ago, Kate was honored with a birthday tea party at Anmer Hall, which was hosted by her husband and their children. Fortunately, Prince William is well-versed in the art of preparing the ideal cup of coffee.

PEOPLE was previously informed by a source close to Kate that “at the end of the day, she is in training to be a future queen, but honestly you would never know it.” If you go to her residence, you will be able to have a cup of tea, and William will most likely be the one to prepare it for you! It’s not a lavish palace by any stretch of the imagination; rather, it’s a warm and inviting home.

During the year 2022, Princess Kate celebrated her fortieth birthday by releasing three brand new photographs that were fit for a future monarch. Paolo Roversi, a photographer, was the one who took the photographs, and they are now a part of the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery, which Kate is the patron of.

The previous year, King Charles and Queen Camilla honored Princess Kate’s birthday by posting a message for her to have a good birthday on social media and selecting a picture that was considerate. After being designated the Prince and Princess of Wales the previous year, they chose a picture of Kate on her first trip to Wales with Prince William. the picture was taken during their first trip to Wales. Kate smiled as she collected a flower from Charlotte Bunting, who was wearing a traditional Welsh costume. Charlotte Bunting was just two years old at the time of the photograph.

“Wishing The Princess of Wales a very Happy Birthday today!” The photo was captioned with an emoji of a birthday cake by the team representing the King and Queen.

Additionally, Princess Kate was fortunate enough to get well-wishes from charitable organizations and military organizations that she is a patron of.

On Tuesday, on the occasion of the royal’s birthday, the bells of Westminster Abbey in London, which is the location where Kate married William in April 2011, are scheduled to chime.

Due to the financial difficulties that have arisen as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, Westminster Abbey has modified its practice of ringing its bells to honor the birthdays of a large number of prominent members of the royal family. Prior to the year 2020, the bells were used to commemorate the birthdays of twelve royals. The distinction was bestowed to Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, and their four children, who were then members of the royal family: Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Princess Anne, and Prince Andrew. Camilla, who was married to Charles at the time, was also honored. The list was finished off with Prince William, Kate, and their three children all together.

Princess Kate will celebrate her birthday on January 9, Prince William will celebrate his birthday on June 21, Queen Camilla will celebrate her birthday on July 17, and King Charles will celebrate his birthday on November 14. Additionally, they will ring on June 15 for Trooping the Colour, birthday festivities for the King that are open to the public, and other royal events like as the anniversary of the coronation on May 6.

Princess Kate, like previous royal consorts throughout history, is known for her tenacity behind the scenes, since she is a staunch supporter of her husband, William, who will one day become king.

Recent statements made by royal novelist Valentine Low to PEOPLE include the following: “She has this public image of being nice and smiley and, dare I say it, innocuous.” On the other hand, she is genuinely a strong-willed and strong-minded someone who is willing to battle for what she wants and what she believes to be proper.

According to Simon Lewis, who is also a co-host of the BBC podcast When It Hits the Fan, “She is pretty much considered to be a player who is at the center of team Windsor.”

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