The 13th of October, 1959 was the day when Marie Osmond was born as Olive Marie Osmond. Not only has the singer of “Paper Roses” had a successful profession, but she has also had a very positive and satisfying personal life. The fact that Marie has been married three times, twice to the same guy, is another unique aspect of her romantic history.

A total of eight children and eight grandkids are in the possession of the singer, actress, and philanthropist as of the month of December in the year 2023. Stephen, Jessica, Rachael, Brandon, Brianna, Matthew, Abigail, and Michael are her children. She also has Brandon and Brianna.

Stephen Jr., Rocket Jade, Christian, Maxwell, Maude, Wolf, Olive, and Mabel are her grandkids. Her other grandchildren include Mabel. Twenty-one years ago, in the year 2021, Marie’s son Stephen and his wife Claire became parents for the fourth time together.

Over the course of many years, Marie has maintained her visits to her children and their children and has continued to keep an eye on them. It is also via her phone that she maintains communication with her siblings, children, and grandchildren. And fortunately for those of us who are interested in the celebrity’s life, Marie publicly expresses her love and admiration for her lovely grandkids on various social media platforms.

For Marie, being a member of a big family is not something that is new to her. Being the eighth of nine children, she was raised with all of her brothers. Even while they were still young, members of the clan would sing and dance together in public, demonstrating that show business has remained a constant. It was subsequently decided that Marie and her brother, Donny Osmond, would take turns hosting the variety program known as “Donny and Marie.” On the seventh season of “Dancing with the Stars,” which she participated in as a celebrity participant in 2007, she demonstrated her dancing abilities and ended up placing third with her dance partner, Jonathan Roberts.

Regrettably, one of her children, Michael Blosil, went away in the year 2010, and it was subsequently discovered that he had a disagreement with his father, Brian Blosil. If you want to learn more about the event, continue reading below.

Warning: this section of the article involves sensitive themes such as suicidal ideation, depression, bullying, and addiction; the reader is recommended to use caution in this section.

The marriage between Marie Osmond and her ex-husband, Brian Blosil, lasted for more than 21 years after they divorced. Nevertheless, she disclosed in a prior interview that she failed to experience happiness for the whole of her twenty-year marriage, despite the fact that they had wonderful children together.

Marie and Brian reportedly tied the wedding in 1986 and went on to have seven children together, as stated in an article that was published in Closer Weekly. The fire that broke out in her house in 2005 was the first moment that she became aware that she was unhappy and that her marriage was beginning to fail.

The actress made an appearance on Winn Claybaugh’s “Masters Podcast Club” in the year 2020. During her appearance, she discussed her connection with her ex-lover and provided the following explanation: “It was definitely one of the most liberating things that ever occurred to me… Simply because I came to the realization that the house I had built was really a front for a marriage that had been unhappy for twenty years. ‘The fire inside,’ as the saying goes, is something that I firmly believe to be God. As a result, these occurrences might sometimes serve to rouse us.

Following the fire event, the couple made the decision to permanently part ways with one another. She subsequently remarried her first husband, Steven Craig, who was her first spouse.

Michael, who was one of Marie and Brian’s children, tragically took his own life when he was 18 years old. An item that was first published by ABC News in the year 2010 said that the little child committed himself by jumping from the rooftop of his apartment building, which was situated in the city of Los Angeles, California.

In the years leading up to his death, it was stated that he struggled with drug misuse and despair. This occurred after Marie and Brian had formally split in 2007.

In a recent episode of “The Talk,” Marie revealed, for the very first time, that her son had been bullied previous to his death, which she thought to have played a role in his decision to take his own life.

“This is something that I have never discussed before… “My son, who passed away, used to be bullied,” she stated.

As reported by People Magazine, Marie gave an interview to “CBS Sunday Morning” in 2019, during which she reflected on the passing of her cherished son with a retrospective.

To tell you the truth, I don’t believe you’ll ever get over it… What I believe is that God will give you a little reprieve, and then all of a sudden it will strike you like it did the day before. As she put it, “What you leave behind has such a massive impact on the ripple effect.”

This was not the first time the actress had discussed her son; in a prior interview with Oprah Winfrey, she had said, “When I heard him say to me, I have no friends, it brought back when I went through depression, because you really feel so alone.” This was not the first time she had spoken about her kid.

Marie stressed that she was not a sad person, but she knew where Michael was coming from. She recalled encouraging Michael to wait for her and that everything was going to be good, but the depression didn’t want to wait any longer than it did.

In 2010, an article that was published in People Magazine disclosed that Michael had checked himself into a rehabilitation center for drug misuse for a period of time.

After some time had passed, it was discovered that Michael had officially changed his last name from Blosil to Bryan. Additionally, the news source said that the father and son had not spoken with one other for many months before to Michael’s shocking death. His new surname was the one that was shown on his death certificate since he had undergone the legal process of changing his name.

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