The most significant thing about Kelly Clarkson is that she is a mother in addition to being a Grammy winner, a talk show host, and a champion on American Idol.

River Rose, who is nine years old, and Remington “Remy” Alexander, who is seven years old, are the children that the singer has with her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock. In February of 2012, the former couple had their first encounter during Super Bowl XLVI. The following year, they decided to elope.

Unfortunately, Clarkson filed for divorce from Blackstone after seven years of marriage, claiming irreconcilable differences as the reason for her decision. Following the conclusion of the divorce proceedings in March 2022, the children are now largely living with their singer.

“Kelly is doing absolutely wonderful. In August of 2021, a source informed People that she was doing quite well and looking forward to the future. “She’s enjoying the fact that she has the kids for the vast majority of the time and is enjoying time spent with them.”

After the divorce, a second insider shared with People that Kelly has always been a wonderful mother and has always worked very hard. Having the divorce finalized has brought her a great deal of relief. She just wants to be in the company of her children.

PEOPLE had an exclusive conversation with Clarkson, during which she discussed the time when River and Remy were able to see her performance during her residency in Las Vegas. This occurred after they had come up onstage for their own performances.

“I was like, ‘I feel like how you’re looking at me is how you watch Spider-Man,'” she recalled. “It’s like you’re watching Spider-Man.” “I was really taken aback by it, and it was the most enchanted moment of my life because they were being so joyful and enjoying themselves. They were just awestruck by it.

In the year 2021, Clarkson disclosed her thoughts on the topic of co-parenting with Blackstock, stating, “It’s difficult… Personally, I know that it is a challenging situation for me and Brandon since we are in different areas, and even if we are in agreement on the most important things, it is a challenging situation when you are not together all the time.

Despite the fact that she did emphasize that the ex-couple always “focuses on” their children, she also said, “As long as you make sure it’s about the children and their best interests, then we’re both on board.”

There is a lot of information that you need to know about River Rose and Remington Alexander, the two children that Kelly Clarkson has.

Four weeks after their wedding, Clarkson and Blackstock announced that they were expecting their first child together. On the 12th of June, 2014, they became parents to a girl named River Rose in Nashville.

“Our baby girl River Rose Blackstock arrived on June 12th!” At that moment, Clarkson tweeted about it. We are grateful to each and every one of you for your best wishes. The two of us, Brandon and I, are really happy!

From the time she was a very little child, River has been the center of attention. When she was just two years old, she participated in the 2016 Nashville Christmas Parade with her mother. Clarkson was the grand marshal of the parade, and she attended the parade with her mother. Even Clarkson’s children’s book, River Rose and the Magical Lullaby, which was published in 2016, was based on her as a source of inspiration.

“It’s kind of a cool thing to be on a plane with my daughter, we were going on trips to the U.K. and Asia and Australia, all these amazing places that she was too little to remember,” according to Clarkson. “Basically I started writing down these little fun stories — of like when we went to Australia and she got to hang out with some kangaroos.”

In the end, the tales were compiled into a book that detailed each location that they had visited.

Additionally, Clarkson has been upfront about the fact that her kid is a self-reliant individual. An interview that Clarkson gave to People in 2018 said, “She will run a company one day because there is no way that she is going to work for anyone.” It is not very often that she takes advise to heart. As a matter of fact, she is really bold, which is fantastic.

The singer continued by saying, “I adore the fact that River is very courageous, and she is progressive for three.” “She watches Jurassic Park and loves it, and Harry Potter … it doesn’t affect her and she’s just very grown up and very boss.”

Clarkson also discussed River’s outspoken nature during an interview on Today in 2017. She told presenter Hoda Kotb, “[River’s] so cute, but she can work it y’all,” she remarked. Clarkson’s comments were not limited to River’s cuteness. “It’s scary foreshadowing.”

She went on to say, “When she is older, I do not want my daughter to possess the trait of being a pushover.” Therefore, it is a fantastic experience, and it is a fantastic facet of her personality.

For the purpose of conveying a message to fans of The Kelly Clarkson Show while she was in quarantine, River took on the role of her mother, who is a television celebrity. “Greetings to all of you! In a video, River can be heard saying, “I am aware that there is a’snickness’ going around, and we are unable to be together.” Nevertheless, that is not a problem; we can still call, and we can still… It is possible for you to even dream about each other while you are sleeping, and I hope that everything is going well for you. I adore you, as well! Goodbye!

At the People’s Choice Awards, which took place in December 2022, Clarkson brought River along with her as her partner. Daytime talk program of the year 2022 was awarded to The Kelly Clarkson program, and the television presenter acknowledged her daughter as she was performing on stage.

“I’m having a date night with my daughter, River Rose,” she informed me. “Thank you all so much, I’m going to go have ice cream with my baby girl!”

During an interview that took place on April 18, 2023, Clarkson said that River, who suffers from dyslexia, was subjected to bullying at her school “for not being able to read like all the other kids.”

“She’s part of the tribe!” added guest Henry Winkler, who is also dyslexic. “She’s among the tribe!” Following that, he spoke with the little girl in a direct manner, saying, “River! There is no correlation between the way you study and the level of skill you possess.

River appears in a cameo appearance on Clarkson’s tenth studio album, which is titled chemistry. An example of her work may be found in the song “you don’t make me cry.”

As of the 12th of April in 2016, River became an older sister as Clarkson and Blackstock welcomed their son Remington “Remy” Alexander into the world. In the latter part of that year, Clarkson posted a picture on Twitter showing River, who was two years old at the time, holding Remy, who was three months old. “The big sister love is real,” she captioned the delightful picture she had taken.

Remy has some difficulties with his hearing and struggled to develop his speech when he was younger. When he was a baby, he had an issue with his ears, which led to his having difficulty communicating verbally. We were unaware of it,” Clarkson said in the year 2020. “But way deep down in his ears, he got clogged up with a ton of wax where we thought, almost, he was deaf because he spoke as if he was underwater.”

He had a “almost nine months” delay in his communication as a result of the hearing problem. “The big milestone for us is Remy getting to really find out his own personality and his identity, because it’s been frustrating for him to not be able to really vocalize his emotion,” according to Clarkson. “The fact that he’s making full sentences now and full-on engaging with us is really a blessing.”

In 2018, Clarkson celebrated Remy’s second birthday by taking her children to Disneyland for the occasion. As part of the celebration, the family was joined by Woody and Jessie from Toy Story. In addition, the children went on a trip to Walt Disney World with their mother in the month of July 2021.

“We had so much fun at Disney World!” On Instagram, Clarkson posted a message. “Every single ride was incredible, but oh my goodness, ladies and gentlemen, Pandora and the Star Wars rides are the ones that really stand out! Please accept my gratitude for a wonderful trip, Disney.

The artist has said that River and Remy have characteristics that are completely different from one another. The mother of two young children said, “They are not shy in any way, but they are just different.” “He could care less that you’re in the room, and she wants everybody to know she’s in there.”

When Clarkson brought her children to the season premiere of The Kelly Clarkson Show in 2021, it was evident that there was a significant difference in personality between the two of them. Christopher Martin, the vocalist for Coldplay, was in the middle of playing his song “Yellow” when Remy stopped him and said, “I need to go to the bathroom!” Martin gave Remy a high five before leaving the room, and the mother and daughter laughed together as they did so.

As is the case with many other parents, Clarkson tried to figure out how to assist her children in coping with the COVID-19 epidemic. However, a significant shift occurred in the autumn of 2020 when Remy began attending school in person.

“I think we really forget how hard this is on [children],” she said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “My child has been attending school for some time now, and he has been interacting with other children; his entire demeanor has shifted.” It’s simply that he has a certain kind of delicacy about him.”

Nevertheless, the children faced still another obstacle during the first year of the epidemic, which was the divorce of their parents. “We have a lot of help as far as therapists or child psychologists because we want to do it right,” Clarkson stated in an interview with Extra. “We want to do it right.” I must say that I am determined to get it correctly. Everyone is sad, and it’s perfectly OK to be sad.

She concluded by saying “We know the best thing here is to protect our children and their little hearts.”

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