Both Randy Bick and Kathy Griffin will be moving forth into the new year on their own.

On Thursday, Griffin, who is 63 years old, submitted a petition for divorce to the Superior Court of California, indicating that the pair has decided to end their marriage after almost four years of relationship. The first news outlet to report on the event was TMZ.

According to the court filings that were acquired by PEOPLE, Griffin wrote that the date of the couple’s split was December 22. She referred to the basis for their breakup as “irreconcilable differences” in her statement.

It was mentioned in the legal records that Griffin made a motion to have the court’s authority to award spousal support to both parties revoked. A further motion that she made was for the court to “enforce premarital agreement dated 12/23/2019.”

Persons have attempted to contact representatives of Griffin in order to get a comment.

Several days before what would have been their fourth wedding anniversary, they have received the news that they have decided to separate. In response to the news of the divorce, Griffin posted the following on Instagram: “Well…s–t. This is terrible.

Despite the fact that Griffin and Bick started dating in 2011, they did not get married until January of 2020. During the ceremony that was presided over by Lily Tomlin, the former cast member of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List donned the same outfit that she had worn on the first date that she had with the couple.

For the ceremony, Randy and I are going to be wearing something that is similar to toy rings since none of us like wearing rings at any time. She revealed this information to PEOPLE at the time. “So we will never wear rings,” she said. “Deal with it.”

Matthew Moline was Griffin’s former spouse, and they were married from 2001 to 2006.

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