At the beginning of this month, the couple made their relationship public on Instagram and said that they would soon be releasing a podcast together.

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach have some things that they would want to discuss!

Not only did the couple declare their love for one another, but they also revealed that they would be starting a new podcast one year after the hidden workplace romance between the former co-anchors of Good Morning America became public.

Furthermore, according to a source, they are “ready to tell their own story, on their own terms.”

“The hope is for them to be able to finally clear the air, and reveal once and for all their side of the story so that they can continue to look towards new beginnings, leaving the past in the past, and looking towards the future,” a person familiar with the matter.

In the beginning of this month, Holmes and Robach made their relationship “IG official” by posting on their individual Instagram profiles and announcing the new partnership.

What do you think of this idea for Instagram? No longer quiet 🎤 The 5th of December, Amy and T.J. Take a listen on the iHeartRadio app as well as any other platform that supports podcasts. It was written in the announcement that “@amyandtjpodcast.”

A photo of the two of them smiling was placed next to the text. In the image, Holmes is seen with his arm around Robach. “The show will explore meaningful conversations about current events, pop culture, and everything in between,” the press release for Amy & T.J. states. “The show will also explore everything in between.” Not a single item is off bounds.

The two individuals provided more hints about their next initiative on Monday.

Yes, we will be offering tea, that is for sure.’Amy & T. J.’ will be available to listen to on the iHeartRadio app and anywhere else podcasts are played in one week from today. A message that said “December 5th @amyandtjpodcast” was placed next to a picture of the two individuals enjoying themselves in front of their podcast equipment.

In November of 2022, it was discovered that Robach and Holmes were dating when photographs of them engaging in physical contact were made public. During that time period, the two individuals were working together as co-anchors for Good Morning America. Both of them were married, but they were no longer together with their respective wives. The beginning of their relationship occurred around the summer, which is about the same period that they parted ways, according to a source who spoke to ET in the past. Both Holmes and Robach resigned from their positions at GMA3 in January and were given compensation packages for their departure.

Their relationship has been continuing strong ever since they left the ABC show, as evidenced by the fact that they were seen together on vacation earlier this year. A divorce settlement was reached between Holmes and Marilee Fiebig one month ago. Almost immediately after that, Robach, who had completed her divorce from Andrew Shue in March, complimented Holmes for preparing her breakfast as she was in the midst of training for the New York City Marathon. Another recent sighting of the two individuals occurred while they were riding motorcycles in New York City.

In the beginning of this month, the two individuals raced shoulder to shoulder as they finished the New York City Marathon. Holmes marked this accomplishment by getting a new tattoo.

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