Certainly, Richie Sambora is a proud father.

The guitarist for Bon Jovi, who just recorded the guitar part for Dolly Parton’s new song “Rock Star,” which was released earlier this month, is taking pleasure in the strong relationship he has with his daughter Ava, who is 26 years old and whom he shares with his ex-wife, the iconic television actress Heather Locklear.

There is no stopping Ava. According to the rocker dad, who is 64 years old, she is “basically practicing psychology.” He also shared with PEOPLE that she has just received her master’s degree and is “getting ready to go for a doctorate.”

“She is doing some preliminary work at gathering that, but she came straight out of school and then…. I mean, I am really proud of her,” she said. It is wonderful to see how well she is doing.

Sambora was so ecstatic with Ava’s most recent accomplishment that he even surprised her with a retriever puppy. He praised her for her commitment, which is something that she has in common with her father, who is notorious for breaking records in the rock and roll industry.

“She was there for me through a great number of recordings. “She has witnessed everything that has happened in this house, and she has also witnessed me working,” he adds. A younger version of Ava had a father-daughter dance at school while he was out on tour with Bon Jovi in Australia. He remembered that this event took place during his time away from home. “Once I arrived at a location, I made it a point to return home whenever I had the opportunity to do so. I had a large amount of money that would allow me to take a private jet, spend the day with my kid, and then get back on the plane to go to the performance. I would be able to do this because I would have a reservoir of money. As he reveals, “And I did that quite a bit.” “People thought I was crazy because I had a few days off in Australia and she had a daddy/daughter dance when she was just 8 and I said, ‘Don’t tell her, but I’m going home.'” It was an unbelievable experience, considering that it was a trip that lasted for twelve and a half hours, in addition to the time change. However, I was able to figure it out, and I shocked her. And they are the kinds of things that, obviously, are necessary in any relationship, but they needed to be done while I was occasionally absent. The significance of that to me cannot be overstated…

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