Susan’s whole life was spent battling her self-consciousness with her outward looks, particularly the profile of her nose. After being teased and humiliated for so many years at school due to her appearance, she finally gave in to sadness. She was ultimately successful in making a significant shift that affected every aspect of her life.

Susan provided an explanation, saying, “I began my transformation in the recent two years.” many filler injections have been performed by The Aesthetics Room on various sections of my face, including my lips, cheeks, jawline, and chin. These procedures have been performed on me on many occasions.

“I have also had a rhinoplasty surgery (aka nose job) which I think made the greatest difference in my look!” added the actress.

Susan noted that the way she looked was a major contributor to the terrible struggles she had with her mental health.

“The earliest memory I have of becoming insecure about my body was when I was in primary school and I was getting bullied for my features which I wasn’t aware even made me that different to other kids,” according to her.

“And going to high school was not any better; reaching puberty already takes an emotional and physical toll on teenagers; it is hard enough without having that early push into depression,” she said. “And it did not get any better after that.”

“The bullying carried on in high school and my insecurities kept growing- by 18 I was on antidepressants and I was an adult whose knew she was ready to commit to a permanent change,” according to Susan.

“I ultimately decided to have a rhinoplasty, and after the recovery period, which lasted between two and three months, I felt like a completely different person in a great sense. It was as if this was the face that I had always known should have been mine.

“A year later and my nose was fully healed and the true final result of the surgery had shown itself, and I could not be happier!”

Susan said, “The filler injections that were performed on me by The Aesthetics Room are also a significant component of my newfound attractiveness. They provided me with the natural fullness in my lips that I had been missing, and nobody can even tell that I have fillers in my lips because of how natural they look for my face shape.”

“At the beginning of my journey with filler injections, I was so ecstatic after my first one milliliter of lip filler that I went back to The Aesthetics Room and told them I wanted more filler. However, they refused to add more filler and explained to me that I should not go overboard and ruin the natural look that I had achieved with their technique, for which I am now extremely grateful.

“And the process of going through all of these treatments did not in the least bit hurt.

“If I could turn back time, would I do it all again? That’s a question that I am asked a lot. To which I always respond, “Yes, without a doubt, a hundred times over I would,”

Susan revealed that, in the past, she had been so self-conscious about her looks that she would go to great lengths to conceal her nose.

“I always contoured the bridge of my nose, and I would only take pictures from the angles that I felt most comfortable with. These days, however, I snap pictures constantly, and I don’t care whatever angle I’m looking at myself from since I feel so lovely.

“I leave the house without makeup more often now too!”

Susan detailed the dramatic changes that had taken place in her life.

“I have never felt so confident with my body, and I feel pretty all the time. I feel pretty the moment I wake up, when I put on my makeup and get dressed, and when I wipe it all off at night. I feel beautiful.” “I have never felt so confident with my body. I feel pretty all the time.”

By Anna

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