How humiliating it must be to be the center of attention!When Salma Hayek was seen strutting her thing in a mesh dress, everyone completely forgot how old she was.

The actress is often questioned about how she manages to maintain such a wonderful and alluring appearance at such a ripe old age.

Fans of the Mexican actress have always been awed by the actress’s ability to maintain her youthful appearance and excellent health as she entered her later years.

On the other hand, Salma is one of the well-known superstars in the entertainment industry who never fails to wow the audience with performances that are both risky and exposing. Her choice of clothing is usually daring, sometimes revealing, and occasionally even provocative.

The fact that she showed up for the premiere wearing a dress made of see-through mesh caused many people to express their worry. The clothing, which hardly concealed anything, worked well to draw attention to her great figure.

Printed flowers were sewn onto the mesh gown that was worn. Everything seemed to be heading in the opposite direction of being annoying.

By Anna

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