When Wilson Curtis was on his way to the hardware store one day, he happened to encounter the cutest interaction he had ever seen between two people. It was a rainy day, so he was taken aback to see two young boys walking beside their bicycles. It was obvious that one of the bicycles had been damaged in some manner.

The children made themselves comfortable next to their bicycles and began tinkering with the bicycle that was damaged in an attempt to fix it. The efforts made by the children warmed Wilson’s heart, but what he observed after that was far more comforting to him.

While Wilson was strolling, he saw a man make his way from a nearby hardware store to his waiting car.

The man turned his head and observed two little boys tinkering with something, so he walked up to them and started talking to them. The man, apparently oblivious to the pouring rain, crouched down on the ground and instantly began aiding the guys in mending their bicycle.

Wilson snapped a photo of the interaction, which he then published on his Facebook page and annotated with the following:

“I was on my way to the hardware store when I spotted this,” the narrator says. When [a person] got out of his SUV during the heavy rain, he observed two little boys pushing a bicycle that was seriously wrecked.

They went away happily, and he just departed with a smile on his face after stopping everything he was doing, spending five minutes getting drenched patching it the small kid, and then spending the remaining five minutes riding away.”

Wilson has described in great detail how the occurrence brought a cheery expression to the faces of both the children and the kind stranger who assisted them.

Even at that moment, there was no letup in the delight. Wilson was apparently pleased enough with the event to write about it on Facebook, where it immediately grabbed the attention of a large number of people.

This beautiful tale illustrates how even the smallest acts of charity may have a major influence on the lives of those to whom they are extended to.

By Elen

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