A few of months ago, Amy Haden spent most of her time at home with her kid. They have gotten into the habit of getting up together at an early hour, and she often spends a lot of time at home with her daughter and the two dogs that they have. On that particular day, though, they had a guest who was waiting for them on the patio.

Amy was going about her day when her child told her that there used to be a dog on the porch. At the time, Amy was going about her normal activities. Amy reasoned that it must have been one of their dogs, so she told the woman that she had let both of them out earlier that morning.

After some time, though, she realized that it was no longer one of theirs.

The narrator is heard asking, “Whose canine is that?” Amy can be heard musing in a video that she posted on social media, and you can see it here. “I don’t know!” is what her daughter says in response. “That is not the canine that belongs to the neighbor; I am certain that they do not own a dog that resembles it.” The next thing that Amy says is that he’s “just sitting on that porch!”

Both the mother and the girl had been hoping that the dog would depart soon, but he did not. He did nothing more than sit there for the remainder of the day until his family made the decision to bring him inside…

Amy even brought him to the veterinarian to have him checked for a chip, but the veterinary examination revealed that he did not have a chip.

When more time had passed, she began to speculate that the dog’s owners had likewise vanished without a trace. A month after initially getting to know the puppy, she came to the conclusion that it was high time for her to locate a permanent home for him.

Even though they cherished him and delighted in spending time with him, the girls admitted that they were unable to keep him with them.

According to Haden, humans were unable of comprehending the fact that Walker, the name they gave him, was not a dog that they had been throwing away. It turned out that he was only a dog who showed up on their doorstep one day, but for moral and ethical grounds, they should no longer take care of him.

They began searching for a new place for Walker to call his own. That is precisely what they put into action. After just a few days had passed, an old lady made the decision to adopt him, stating that he was once the dog that she had been looking for all along.

Such a wonderful account of events!

By Elen

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