A gentle dog by the name of Major waited for someone to notice him each and every day for more than a year. The resident of the Naperville Area Humane Society, who is so very affectionate with humans, was at a loss to understand why nobody wanted to take him home.

The employees at the humane organization were just as perplexed as to why the adorable puppy was being disregarded.

According to Kristen Funk, executive director of the Naperville Area Humane Society, who spoke with The Dodo about the matter, “none of us could figure out why [he wasn’t being adopted], since he truly is a lovely dog.” “Unfortunately, I believe that when an animal stays in a shelter for an excessive amount of time, people have a tendency to believe that there is something wrong with him or her. I believe that he was victimized by that stereotype.

Major had a good time playing with his canine pals at the shelter and going on walks with the employees of the humane organization, but he felt like something was missing. He was in need of a proper family. The employees at Naperville were becoming more distraught as the days passed since their beloved puppy, who at this point was spending most of his time with them at the office, still did not have somebody to call his own.

Funk added that it must have been really difficult for all of his followers to be here. “Every day that went by without him having any interest was hard to observe since he was really well-liked by both the staff and the volunteers,” you say. “He was quite popular.”

Major’s good fortune began to turn one day. A guy named Jose, who drove a tractor-trailer truck, called the local humane organization because he was heartbroken by the loss of the last puppy he’d ever adopted many years before. The nomadic existence appealed to José, and he yearned for a fresh travel partner to share it with. Right away, Funk was certain of who he should present to him.

Funk shared his thoughts, “We knew that he had to meet Major.”

Soon enough, Major was seen strolling out of the shelter beside his new father. The dog, who was overjoyed to have been adopted at last, couldn’t help but grin as he and his new family hopped into the pickup truck together.

The employees of the humane organization also had trouble containing their enthusiasm.

“There were laughter and tears of joy all around here, and there still are!” Funk stated.

These days, Major looks forward to spending time with his dad both throughout the day and at bedtime, when they can cuddle up together.

Funk said, “We are so overjoyed to hear that Major is loving his adventurous life on the road,” and added, “We are very happy to hear that.” “For a dog that never wanted to be by himself, he has found the ideal arrangement, and he will be with his owner for the rest of his life.”

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