It feels like just yesterday when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt welcomed their twins, Knox and Vivienne, into the world, an event that was described as a “shock” to their parents. They were the epitome of what it means to be a millionaire at such a young age, having earned their first millions barely weeks after birth. They are now in their teenage years and nearly as tall as their mother. Their mother encourages them to take use of the many possibilities, talents, and capabilities that are available to them.

Even though Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are no longer a relationship, they continue to be doting parents to their six children that they had together. In 2002, Jolie gave birth to her first child, a son named Maddox Chivan, whom she had previously adopted from an orphanage in Cambodia.

After that, she went on to adopt her second child, Zahara Marley, who was born in Ethiopia barely three years after her first child. Shortly after that, Pitt became the legal guardian of Jolie’s children, and the pair went on to have their first child, Shiloh Nouvel, in 2006. Pax Thien, their son, was adopted from Vietnam the next year in 2007.

In 2008, Jolie found out she was pregnant with what the couple believed would be their fifth child, but it turned out that they were expecting twins instead. Despite the fact that Jolie wanted to continue growing her family with Pitt at the time, she claimed to being caught aback by the news that they were going to have twins:

“Because of this, we were taken aback, but we didn’t hesitate to increase our family size to six children. But we prefer a challenge.”

Jolie’s pregnancy went as swimmingly as could be expected, and she attempted to take it easy during it, confessing that she handed over all of the labor-intensive responsibilities to Pitt, her husband at the time. When one of their children had a younger brother, the parents made it a priority to ensure that their older children felt included in the family.

It was finally the big day on July 12, 2008, and despite the fact that the most important event of their life was just minutes away, Jolie and Pitt were calm. According to their ob-gyn, they were chatting and joking up to the very last minute before the birth of their child.

In the Foundation Lenval hospital in Nice, France, the twins were delivered through cesarean section when they were finally ready. The first baby to come was Knox Léon, who weighed just a little bit more than five pounds and came at 6:27 p.m. His sister Vivienne Marcheline arrived a minute later and both weighed five pounds.

Their father cut both of their umbilical cords, and despite the fact that he seemed to be at ease and happy with the birth of his twins, Pitt was nevertheless unprepared to hear the screams of his newborn children. He said that the feeling was rather powerful. “The emotion was quite intense.”

The birth of the twins also brought an end to a trying period of time for the pair, which began when Jolie was admitted to the hospital for routine checkups. The pregnancy brought on a number of difficulties for the actress, including low blood pressure, gestational diabetes, swollen feet, and episodes of fainting. The actress went through some challenging times. Jolie’s passion for seeing new places and experiencing new time zones made it particularly challenging for her to be confined to a hospital bed for an extended period of time.

After hearing about the birth, tiny groups began to assemble in the hopes of getting a picture with the father or at the very least with any celebrity that may come to visit. Yet despite the fact that none of them showed up, the Mayor of Nice gave a very important delivery to the couple in the form of the birth certificates for the twins.

Following his short visit, he reported that the father was enjoying one of the best times of his life, which is something that any father who had just given birth to twins with a gorgeous wife like Jolie would expect to be experiencing.

There was a lot of conjecture over which media would be the first to publish images of the twins for a very long time before they were ever born. People Magazine came out on top in the inevitable bidding war when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt selected them in a joint arrangement with Hello! to print the most expensive celebrity photos that have ever been purchased.

How Vivienne and Knox, the Ultimate Million-Dollar Kids, Will Be Raised by Their Parents
Only a few short weeks after their birth, the twins were dubbed the “ultimate million-dollar babies” after a source revealed that People, in a co-joined deal with the British tabloid Hello!, had snatched up the deal to buy the photos of the twins, with Getty serving as the photographer and in-between. This led to the twins being referred to as the “ultimate million-dollar babies.”

The Pitts have announced that the money would go to a charity that they established with the goal of assisting children all around the globe. It has been claimed that People and a tabloid located in Britain paid a combined total of $14 million for the first-ever images of Knox and Vivienne as infants.

It goes without saying that the infants were unique from the moment of their birth, and the names that their parents chose for them, which carried the highest personal meaning for both of them, revealed that they were exceptional even from the beginning.

Vivienne is named after Jolie’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand, who passed away from ovarian and breast cancer a year before the twins were born. Vivienne’s middle name is Marcheline, and she was given this name in honor of her maternal grandmother. On the other hand, Knox was given his name in honor of Pitt’s grandpa on his mother’s side, Hal Knox Hillhouse, as well as Jolie’s great-grandfather, Léon.

Even after her husband insisted that they make life easier by delivering the twins in a hospital in America as they had done during Shiloh’s birth two years earlier, the choice of hospital was also a well-thought-out plan by the actress. Even after her husband insisted that they make life easier by delivering the twins in a hospital in America.

Jolie, on the other hand, was not persuaded, since she was certain that she would give birth in the city of love. Why? She did this because she want for her twins to be reincarnations of their grandmother who was French.

It might be challenging for any parent to bring up many children under the age of 10, but Jolie and Pitt have handled the situation with grace and poise. Jolie told People that they already had some home assistance, and Shiloh and Zahara assisted in picking out outfits for the twins as well as changing their clothes. Having said that, she did concede the following:

“It is complete anarchy, but we are thriving among the mayhem and having a great time.”

Both Vivienne and Knox had exciting lives as children and were destined for great things from the moment they were born. Jolie said that it concerned her how little she learnt in school and that this was one of her primary concerns about her children’s education.

As a result of this, she made the decision to educate the twins at home, at least in part. But, Jolie did not make the decision to educate her children just because she had a negative opinion of the traditional educational system. In addition to this, it made it easier for the children to continue their education despite the nomadic lifestyle of their parents.

Jolie said that she would like for her children to spend their time pursuing their own hobbies rather than sitting in a classroom. For example, rather than learning to play an instrument like the guitar, she would rather have her kids visit a museum or study another art form.

Although Knox was only eight years old when he started studying sign language, Vivienne was already learning Arabic, which is considered to be one of the most difficult languages to master. The fact that Jolie’s children have older siblings who come from a variety of countries and ethnicities, as well as the fact that Jolie enjoys traveling and has a deep appreciation and comprehension of other cultures, made it inevitable that her younger children would be interested in learning new languages.

Vivienne also has a soft spot in her heart for critters. She had a pet rabbit that went away during the pandemic, and after that, Jolie claims that she and her family acquired two bunnies with disabilities so that she could better deal with the grief of losing her pet.

Jolie also recounted an incident in which chipmunks had migrated into her house in Cambodia. When they received a call about removing the chipmunks, Vivienne already had a remedy for the issue. Jolie laughed over the incident. She informed her mother that they should cover the wires and allow the chipmunks to remain in their home.

While Knox does not have his sister’s affinity for domesticated animals, he does use his spare time with pursuits that are just as significant to him. In his spare time, he is brushing up on his martial arts skills while also studying sign language. In addition to helping out around the house, he has been seen joining Zahara while she takes their dog on a walk.

Although having been raised in a privileged household herself, Jolie is determined to provide her children with a childhood that is as unremarkable as possible. A supporter once saw her in the local dog park with her children, where they were selling organic snacks for the dogs.

The twins, like their mother, have also been all over the world; nonetheless, Cambodia, France, and England stand out as the most significant places they have visited. Vivienne, like her elder sister Shiloh, has developed a passion for wearing clothes that are not associated with either gender. She has been seen wearing tan linen two-piece suits, button-down shirts, and even jeans with a button-down shirt.

In addition to having a need for sweets in common, the twins have a tendency to dress similarly to one another. One example of this is when they went out together in May of 2022 and wore very similar attire. Vivienne topped off her getup with a white turtleneck sweater, while Knox donned a T-shirt that was a lighter shade of gray. Both of them wore gray slacks and white shoes.

Jolie has made it her mission to hone the skills of the twins. In addition to engaging tutors for a variety of disciplines, such as languages and instruments, they encourage their students to participate in sports like soccer and skateboarding as a form of physical activity. In addition to that, both of them attend self-defense training.

Like his mother did before him, Knox is now doing the same thing. Jolie said that he had begun his flight training when he was only nine years old. The actress, who is also a licensed pilot, revealed the following to People magazine:

“Flying lessons are being given to Knox. Seeing him figure it out gives me the happiest feeling in the world. He still needs assistance with the pedals, but it shouldn’t take too much longer.”

On Mother’s Day, they were responsible for making their mother cry.
Although though Knox and Vivienne are still only teenagers, they have clearly mastered the skill of pulling at their mother’s heartstrings. Jolie has acknowledged that the two of them, along with their other siblings, have always gone above and beyond to make Mother’s Day memorable for her and that she is grateful for all of the efforts that have been done on their behalf.

They are adults now and have busy schedules, but the fact that they made time out of their schedules to celebrate her accomplishments is something she does not take for granted. The actress values the time they have to spend together as a family throughout the day. She is never required to do anything or make any plans, but the children always make sure that they work together in order to surprise her. And the crown jewel is… They always find a way to bring tears of happiness to her eyes. That was funny to her:

“They laugh all the time about how easily it brings tears to my eyes. They will make fun of how often I weep during the day or how rapidly I cry, saying things like, “Well, there she goes!””

A Look at Knox and Vivienne Now, Together with Some Predictions About Their Professional Futures
Since the year 2008, when they were born, Knox and Vivienne have consistently been in the news, and at the age of 14, they show no signs of slowing down. Their most recent public appearances caused tongues to wag.

Fans remarked on how attractive Knox had become when a picture of Pitt, Jolie, Shiloh, and Vivienne together with Knox was shared by the Instagram account @stokfourme. One commenter predicted that once he was an adult, Knox would have a difficult time getting the attention of women:

“Knox is going to have a reputation for being a women killer. It’s clear to me now.”

During a recent appearance with his mother, during which the two of them went grocery shopping in Los Angeles, Knox stunned admirers with how grown up he appears, and remarks relating to the same thing surfaced after the appearance. One of the Hilda Highlanders was taken aback by Knox’s incredible height. She noted in her letter, “He has grown to be such a tall and mature-looking young man.” The feelings were echoed by Anne Blog, who also remarked on how much taller Knox had become, while another supporter, Traveller, made the following observation:

“Knox is a young guy who is both good-looking and kind. Time moves quite quickly. When he was a newborn, it feels like it was only yesterday.”

His murderer looks the other way; the genes in the Pitt-Jolie family are among the most powerful in the world. Vivienne is sometimes confused for her elder sister Shiloh, whereas Knox has taken like his father in many ways.

Both Knox and Vivienne have followed in their parents’ footsteps and made their debuts in the acting world, with Knox providing the voice of Ku Ku in “Kung Fu Panda 3” and Vivienne portraying a younger version of Aurora in “Maleficent.” Both of their parents are well-known actors.

Nonetheless, despite getting their start in acting at a young age, Jolie has said that they have no further interest in the art. This is a reality that the “Wanted” actress is more than content with. She said that although while she was delighted for her children to join her on set and make cameos, she and Pitt would not enjoy it if their children pursued acting as a career:

“It is in no way the objective that Brad and I have set for ourselves. I believe that you and I would both agree that it would be best if they did not become actors.

Jolie is pleased that her children have no interest in pursuing a career in acting, despite the fact that she and Pitt have amassed a wealth as a result of their work in the entertainment industry. Jolie is glad that her children are forging their own paths and becoming whomever they want to be. In her words:

“Thank God, none of my children have any interest in pursuing acting as a career.”

As acting is no longer an option for Knox, he is considering becoming a software developer or a computer engineer instead of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Because of his creative ability, several of his sketches have been made into pieces of jewelry.

On the other hand, Vivienne’s long-term career goals include working in the fields of philanthropy and humanitarianism. The two teens have developed connections with youngsters who have fled their homes as a result of Jolie’s efforts to engage them as much as possible in her humanitarian work.

Vivienne is inspired by her work and now wants to devote her life to helping others and working on humanitarian causes. As for Knox, only time will tell whether he will be interested in following in the footsteps of his mother and sister and pursuing a career in humanitarian work as they did.

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