Fans of Steve Martin’s Only Murders in the Building are getting a sneak glimpse at the show’s future season thanks to the actor.

In a new picture that was uploaded to Twitter on Tuesday, the actor, who is 77 years old, can be seen sporting a dashing tuxedo as he poses with his co-star Selena Gomez, who is decked out in full-on wedding garb with an antique lace gown and a veil that matches.

Martin captioned the photo with the phrase “Guess what just occurred!”

Viewers pointed out that Martin’s photo is a reference to the movie Father of the Bride. In the movie that was released in 1991, Martin plays the role of George Banks, the dad of Annie, who is played by Kimberly Williams Paisley. When Annie comes home after studying abroad, she surprises her parents by informing them that she is engaged. The plot of the film follows George as he awkwardly meets his future in-laws and adapts to life while working with a comically over-the-top wedding coordinator, who is portrayed by Martin Short, who also appeared with Gomez in Martin’s Only Murders.

“One fan said, “The neighbor of the bride,” while another fan added, “Wasn’t there a movie called… oh yes, I get it.” Congratulations 🫶🎉🎈”

One person made the joke on Twitter that “Steve, you’re going to be bankrupt with all these weddings!” while another user remarked, “Reality imitates art?”

In another picture that Martin uploaded, Short, who is 72 years old, can be seen smiling cheerfully with the beautiful bride.

“As it turns out, this also took place.” Martin had written it.

Gomez, who is now 30, made the most of the opportunity by posting an Instagram photo of herself striking a few amusing poses while wearing the gown. She sat on the ground and displayed her white combat boots while holding a can of Coca-Cola in her white gloves. She then drank from the can.

“I don’t have a caption for this. Nothing out of the ordinary at work today, @onlymurdershulu “she had written.

The official concert Instagram page politely questioned, “First things first, am I invited?” in the comment area. “First things first, are you invited?”

The picture of Martin and Gomez was taken a few weeks after Martin broke the news that production for season 3 had already begun and that Meryl Streep, who is 73 years old, would be joining the cast.

When fans last saw the cast, it was in the season 2 finale, and Paul Rudd had just started playing Broadway star Ben Glenroy at that point.

John Hoffman, co-creator of the series and executive producer, told PEOPLE that casting the actor in the role “was a true bit of dream casting for us.” He went on to say that “many twists await regarding the story of ‘Ben Glenroy’ in our season 3,” adding that “those who know our show well know that many twists await.”

According to Variety, it was also revealed that former Grey’s Anatomy cast member Jesse Williams would have a recurring role on the show. His character will be described as a “documentarian with a special interest in the case that Mabel, Charles, and Oliver are working on.”

Mabel Mora, Oliver Putnam, and Charles-Haden Savage are all being portrayed once again by Gomez, Short, and Martin, respectively, in this production. Gomez made the announcement in a recent Instagram video that she posted from the set. In the video, she also disclosed that Andrea Martin will be repeating her role as Joy, Charles’s love interest and cosmetics artist.

Even though Hulu hasn’t made the official tagline for the season public yet, it is likely that it will fill in the gaps left by the time jump in the season 2 finale. That episode concluded with Rudd’s character passing away on stage after being poisoned, and it was revealed that the time jump occurred after that.

Just Murders in the Building is presently available to view in its entirety on Hulu, beginning with season 1 and continuing on through season 2.

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