This gentle dog’s name is Luna, and she’s never been one to rush headfirst into the messier aspects of life. The spoiled dog has, in point of fact, never spared any effort in her lifelong quest to protect the dry and clean appearance of her paws.

Fernanda Kreibich, Luna’s mother, shared with The Dodo that her daughter does not like the activity. “Even after it has rained, she refuses to put her foot on the wet grass. “She is really neat and tidy.”

But, it seems that as of late, the small puppy has had a change of heart regarding the idea of getting filthy, despite the fact that she may have a thing for keeping herself tidy and pristine.

A few days ago, Kreibich made the executive decision to take Luna along with her when she went to pay a visit to the place of business where her future husband is employed. Even though it had rained earlier, Kreibich was not very worried that her dog would get muddy since she always makes sure to keep herself clean.

But, she did not do so on this particular day.

Luna’s decision to rush ahead and join two other dogs at the construction site in a huge muddy puddle came as a complete surprise to everyone. What was Kreibich’s response to Luna’s abrupt and chaotic about-face? “My God,” she wrote in her journal.

Kreibich said that “she was really proud of herself.” “She’d uncovered her true self.”

It was clear that Luna had found a new interest in life, and she had put aside the ambition to maintain her impeccable cleanliness at all times.

Nonetheless, after that Kreibich did wash her hair and gave her a bath.

A realization on Luna’s part that she did, in fact, like playing in the muck and grime may have come as unwanted news to Kreibich, given the more cleaning that would be required as a result of this discovery.

Yet rather than being critical of her dog’s newfound interest, she is rather encouraging of it.

“I want her to laugh and enjoy herself!” Kreibich stated. I promised her that I would bring her to the mud puddle again so that she may play there.


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