It’s true that photographs of green smoothies, sunshine yoga classrooms, and exercise clothes with mesh panels all make for wonderful fitspiration. But nothing is more motivating than seeing before and after pictures of someone and thinking “holy sh*t, she looks fantastic.” Their achievement, despite the length of time it took to achieve it, is very motivating and motivates other women to pursue their ambitions in the same way.

In light of this, we requested that ladies who have successfully lost a significant amount of weight and gained incredible strength send us images of themselves and tell us how they did it.

Mary Anderson, 25, 70 pounds lost

“I discovered that going to the gym with a friend made the activity more enjoyable and reduced the amount of anxiety I felt. Including all of my exercises for the week on my calendar was another helpful strategy for maintaining my accountability. It took me a year to reach my objective, and now that I’ve got it, I’ve been maintaining for the last two years.”

Jill Percia, 33, 20 pounds lost

“Crash dieting was my specialty, and I was known as the queen of cardio. Throughout the week, I would consistently consume less than 1,000 calories (usually in the form of Lean Pockets or sugar-free Jell-O), and then on the weekends, I would basically drink tequila and eat pizza like there was no tomorrow. To other people, at least, it didn’t seem that I looked utterly horrible, but I was so done with it! I believe that I was able to lose ten pounds in a month and feel like a new person by cutting out so-called “artificial” foods, increasing the amount of lean protein in my diet, drinking less alcohol, and transforming all-out binges into mindfully planned treat days.”

Katie Strauss, 30, 50 pounds lost

“Finding an exercise routine that I could keep up with has always been challenging for me. When I initially began coming to SoulCycle, I discovered that it was a place where I could go to fully disconnect from the outside world for the duration of the class, which is forty-five minutes. After class was ended, I would emerge feeling energized, powerful, and related to myself despite being drenched in perspiration. What made a difference for me was identifying a kind of physical activity that I like doing. That is not something that I am required to do; rather, it is something that I choose to do.”

Amanda Morris, 29, 22 pounds lost

“While cardio is fantastic, strength training is even better since it continues to challenge my muscles even after the workout is over. In addition to that, I really like the way my muscles appear.”

Lauren DiTucci, 31, 25 pounds lost

“I made tiny modifications every day (like a 10-minute exercise or a 10-minute stroll) so that they would eventually become a permanent part of my life.”

“I also began practicing yoga and eating fewer carbohydrates. For assistance, I often turned to communities on social media platforms and blogs. The emotional support was quite helpful, and I started losing weight almost immediately.”

By Anna

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