Do you remember Hans Christian Anderson’s poem and story “The Ugly Duckling,” first released in 1843? He was a Danish author and poet. Indeed, the reason for that fairytale’s success was that it was so easily applicable to real-world problems and situations. The tale gives you a nice feeling inside as it discusses life-changing events for the better and encourages you to face more difficulties in order to become more resilient. The protagonist in the story is concerned with her inner beauty rather than her physical beauty, and she realizes that the former is more significant than the latter. The story also discusses the importance of inner beauty.

Due to the fact that it is, in a sense, being rekindled, this story of the Ugly Duckling has been noted to generate a lot of excitement in people’s thoughts. In the subreddit titled “Ugly Duckling,” users of social networking sites and the internet are posting and sharing images of themselves that highlight the startling differences between their “before” and “after” appearances. Looking at such images motivates us and gives us the impression that time still has a lot of things in store for us, therefore we must continue to put in the effort at all times. Even though there are many people who didn’t reach their full maturity until far later than the rest of their peers, they are living proof that the wait was well worth it.

Scroll down to see their before-after pics…

By Anna

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