Streisand disclosed information about Jason, who has always been upfront and honest about their sexual relationship and the unique bond they have.

Elliot Gould, who played Jason in “M*A*S*H,” Jason’s father, talked publicly about his connection with Barbra Streisand and their son years after the couple’s marriage had ended.

Son Jason Gould is the only kid that Barbra Streisand has ever had, and she is a mother to him. She has a lot of pride in her son, despite the fact that he may have unintentionally set her back one million dollars before he was even born.

Despite this, the director has a deep and abiding love for her son, and she commemorated his 56th birthday on social media on December 29, 2022. Together with her post, she included a flashback picture of herself and Jason sitting together on an aircraft when Jason was a child.

Even though Jason is now 56 years old, his mother continues to refer to him as “honey” despite the fact that she is over 80 years old. “Happy birthday to you, sweetheart! Mum xo, “The kind and attentive mom wrote the description for her post.

Jason is a homosexual guy who has never tried to conceal his sexuality from his parents, and his mother has always been more than happy to accept him in his natural state. In a conversation that she gave to The Advocate magazine in the year 1999, Barbra Streisand gushed over her kid and stated the following:

“I could never, ever want anything else for my kid than what he now is. He is intelligent, thoughtful, and sensitive, and he is a compassionate guy who is also extremely diligent. What more could a parent want from their kid than what they already have?”

The single mother continued by saying that having a kid such as Jason has made her feel “really grateful.” She remarked, “I am no different from the majority of parents in the sense that I believe my own kid to be one of a kind.”

In addition, Barbra Streisand expressed her hope that her cherished son may “continue to live a wonderful life of love, happiness, pleasure, and satisfaction, both artistically and personally.”

The two-time recipient of the Academy Award has a child with her husband, the actor Elliot Gould, whom she married in 1963. When the singer found out she was pregnant with the couple’s kid in 1966, she had planned to go on a tour that would take her to twenty different cities. It was anticipated that she would gain more than one million dollars from it, which was the amount that was regarded as the most valuable at the time.

But, when Streisand discovered she was pregnant in the spring of that year, she decided to put her pregnancy first. As a result, she postponed her gigs and lost the money she would have gained had she performed.

The choice made by the woman who was born and raised in New York garnered a lot of attention from the media. At the time, her unborn kid was being infamously referred to as the “million-dollar baby,” which the New York native thought to be “offensive and rude.” In addition to this, she could worry less about going bankrupt since it was not more important to her, as she revealed in an interview soon thereafter:

“A performance given on stage is different. After you’ve finished, it can never be undone again. Is it even possible to hold it in your hands? Having a baby. It may be considered a real accomplishment.”

In December of 1966, Streisand and Elliot became the proud parents of a boy. After another three years, in 1971, they came to the conclusion that they should end their marriage. Despite this, Jason, who was born in the Big Apple, has managed to keep up positive ties with both of them throughout the years.

He even grew up to become an actor and director, much like his parents and grandparents before him. The film star is famous for their roles in “Say Anything,” which was released in 1989, “The Prince of Tides,” which was released in 1991, and “Boys Life 3.” (2000).

His father, on the other hand, is most recognized for his roles in the 1969 comic picture “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice,” for which he was nominated for an Academy Award, as well as the 1970 comic program “M*A*S*H.” In the films “Ocean’s Eleven” (2001) and “Ocean’s Twelve” (2002), Elliot also played the role of Reuben Tishkoff, an elderly con artist (2004).

After the dissolution of his marriage to Streisand, he wedded the same lady, the actress Jennifer Bogart, on two separate occasions beginning in 1973. Samuel and Molly, their son and daughter, respectively, were brought into the world by the happy couple. They went through a divorce in 1975, remarried in 1978, and then were divorced once again in 1989.

In the meanwhile, his ex-wife Streisand remarried and is now happily married to James Brolin, an actor who has won an Emmy Award, and the pair is doing very well together. On the other hand, she and her husband of twenty years do not share parental responsibilities for any children.

During an interview in October 2017, Streisand’s ex-husband expressed his admiration for the couple’s continued happiness together. He spoke briefly about his mixed family and said that people have certain assumptions about the dynamics of families, but that such expectations do not apply to them. “People will make assumptions about how things ought to be, but the reality is that things are the way they are. In my view, everything revolves around us. It is not about any one component in particular, “explained Elliot.

The candidate for the Academy Award also claimed that he continues to include Streisand and their kid in his life despite the fact that they had divorced, and he made it clear that the three of them remained close.

The famous television host said that he had conveyed to the recipient of the EGOT that despite the fact that they were no longer together, he would be actively engaged in the rest of her life”I’ve told her that even though I know you’re married to someone else now, this is a small family unit, and you’re a part of it.”

“My relationship with Barbra is incredibly important to me, just as much as the importance of my other family members to me. Our lives have been enlightened by Jason.”

He underlined the affection that Streisand has for their kid and said that the three of them are still in contact with one another. In addition to this, the father of three said that the actress from “Meet the Fockers” is now “happily married to James Brolin, and he is extremely good to me.”

Elliot was questioned on the present that he gave to the actress on the occasion of her 75th birthday in April of 2017. He said that they do not traditionally exchange gifts with one another:

“In the normal course of events, we do not trade tangible presents. I let her know that I had received her recognition and that I loved, respected, understood, and admired her. I never forget to wish her a happy birthday.”

The person who was born and raised in Los Angeles said that their son Jason had a resemblance to both of them when asked who their kid takes after. “He has my gaze locked on him. And he is quite talented. He is a singer. He has creative talent. There are parallels to be drawn between his and Barbra’s appearance.”

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