This adorable puppy, who goes by the name Bumper, was born unable to see or hear, but that hasn’t prevented him from living his life to the fullest to this day.

The fact of the matter is that the puppy has no concept that he is any different.

Amy, Bumper’s mother, said in an interview that “I’m sure as far as he’s concerned, this is regular canine living.”

Yet Bumper can still recognize the aroma of a good opportunity when he sees one.

Faeron, Amy’s daughter, is considered to be one of Bumper’s favorite persons in the whole world. While Faeron was still at her parent’s house, she and Bumper spent a lot of time playing together. But, since she moved away, the two of them don’t get to connect as often as they used to.

It is very evident, on the other hand, that Bumper’s feelings for Faeron have not diminished with time.

Amy said that “she now resides somewhere else.” “But she paid a visit to the old stomping grounds. It has been quite some time.”

Amy made the decision to videotape the reunion, thus capturing the happy event on film. The bumper was able to identify Faeron based on her scent:

The simple act of taking a whiff is what sets off Bumper’s overflowing enthusiasm; it’s a reflection of the passion he has for Faeron.

“It’s definitely one of a kind. Because he is so in love with her, “Amy remarked. When she comes into town for a visit, he is able to finally relax.

Bumper demonstrates that the capacity to see or hear is not a condition for living a joyful and love-filled existence, despite the fact that some people may be hesitant to accept a dog with special needs into their home.

“We are a quite busy family, and at first, we weren’t sure what he would be able to accomplish. But, he likes to do whatever the rest of us are doing, so that’s not a problem at all. His hobbies of choice include canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and hiking. He also enjoys going for runs “Amy stated. “He very much excels at everything that might be expected of a dog who has both sight and hearing,” said his owner.

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