One day, the veterinarian Ogün ztürk traveled to a small village in order to provide medical care for a cow that was in need of it.

Ogün had only intended to spend a brief amount of time there, but the trip ended up turning into an experience that he will recall fondly for a very long time.

Ogün had finished his work in the village and was getting ready to depart when he came across something that made him halt in his tracks.

As he was leaving, he looked up and saw a girl approaching him on a snow-covered path. She was heading in his direction. However, she wasn’t by herself; rather, she had a small puppy riding atop her back.

It turns out that 8-year-old Cemre Su Türkoz learned that a veterinarian was going to be in the area, and she made the decision to take advantage of the opportunity when she heard about it.

Cemre’s dog, Pamuk, had become ill, and as a result, she made the decision to walk more than a mile from her home to the location where she had been told Ogün would be in order to seek his assistance.

Naturally, Ogün was unable to say no to Cemre and Pamuk, so he examined the dog as the young girl watched with concern.

The dog’s illness, fortunately, turned out to be nothing serious. According to Ogün, Pamuk only suffered from a few minor skin conditions that were easily treatable, despite the fact that they caused him discomfort.

Ogün shared that when Cemre learned that her dog would make a full recovery, she was overcome with joy. “I treated Pamuk for external parasites and gave her some medication. He is now in good health and can take pleasure in being himself once more.

Not only did the young girl and her dog receive the assistance they required, but they also made a new friend in the process.

Ogün has paid subsequent visits to the village to supervise Cemre and Pamuk’s care and to ensure that they are receiving any necessary medical attention and treatment. He wants to make absolutely certain that they will not have to go to the trouble of retracing their steps in the snow in order to find him.

After all of the trouble that Cemre went to in order to get his assistance, he feels as though it is the very least he can do to ensure that they are both healthy and content.

Ogün voiced his delight and admiration for Cemre’s generous spirit when he said, “It made me very happy that an 8-year-old girl behaved in this way with such a loving heart.” Cemre is the recipient of Ogün’s admiration.

On that particular day, Ogn did not charge Cemre for treating Pamuk because he believed that seeing how much she cared for and devoted herself to her pet was the greatest reward.

Ogün asserted that despite everything that is taking place in the world, there is still reason to have hope. It is encouraging to see someone of such a young age demonstrate that love is the only truth in the world, as Cemre has shown us.

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