In a stunning new photo shoot that was published on Instagram on Wednesday, Brittany and Patrick Mahomes show how they are adjusting to life as a family of four.

Brittany Mahomes is currently sharing some fresh pictures of her family, which consists of four people.

The co-owner of the Kansas City Current posted some beautiful pictures of her family on Instagram on Wednesday night. She posed with her husband Patrick Mahomes, their son Patrick “Bronze” Lavon, who is 3 months old, and their daughter Sterling Skye, who is 2 years old.

She captioned the adorable photos with the phrase, “Thanking God every day for these 3,” beginning with a side-profile photo of the 27-year-old mother of two holding her infant son, who is swaddled tightly, as she looks down at him. Her other son is also in the photo.

In the second photograph, Brittany can be seen leaning against Patrick as the two of them sit together with Sterling perched on Patrick’s lap and Bronze held by Patrick on the other side of the frame. Brittany can be seen in the photographs donning a sheer maxi dress embellished with floral appliques. The rest of the family is photographed in matching neutrals.

Additionally, the quarterback who won the Super Bowl poses for a picture by himself with his two children. The final picture depicts the Mahomes family in action, with Sterling walking towards Brittany, who is talking to her while she is holding Bronze, and Patrick looking down toward all of them.

Patrick added a straightforward brown heart emoji to the post before sharing it on his Instagram Story.

The Mahomes couple revealed their son Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III’s face for the first time the following day at Disneyland, where they were celebrating the quarterback’s victory in the Super Bowl 2023.

In a post they made together on Instagram, the couple welcomed their children Bronze and Sterling to the “happiest place on earth” with the caption, “Welcome to the happiest place on earth!” The picture was taken at an amusement park in California.

As the group posed in front of the castle from Sleeping Beauty, the photograph captured a sweet moment in which Patrick held baby Bronze and Brittany held Sterling.

On her Instagram Story in December, Brittany posted the very first photo of her two children together for the very first time. Sterling sat down and cradled the infant boy, whose face was obscured in the photograph, on the lap she was sitting on. He was wearing a dark blue onesie with stars and constellations printed on it, and he was wrapped in a fuzzy blanket that was only partially covering him.

Brittany rejoiced in the fact that her young daughter by Patrick is already assuming the responsibilities that come with being an older sibling.

She captioned the photo, “Truly been the best big sissy,” adding an emoji of a smiling face with teary eyes to the expression.

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