People were having a normal day at a bar in York, South Carolina, when they came across two boxes of puppies that had been abandoned next to a dumpster. This turned out to be anything but a normal day. The fact that one of the boxes was marked with the word “Christmas” made the whole situation even more upsetting. The temperature was subzero, and the puppies had been left outside all night; given the conditions, it was unlikely that they would have survived for much longer on their own. They were rescued by animal control, but unfortunately, their struggle for survival did not end there.

Chrissy Elder, who works for Forgotten, Now Family Rescue, was quoted by The Dodo as saying, “They were going to be euthanized [the] same day for space.” Because we couldn’t let that happen, we decided to take them in on that very same day.

After the puppies had been brought under the protection of Forgotten, Now Family Rescue, the volunteers were able to examine them and determine whether or not they were in good health. They were underweight, but otherwise appeared to be in good health, and everyone who met them was struck by how thrilled they were to finally be with people who wanted to help them. They seemed to be in good health otherwise.

Elder remarked that these newborns are the most adorable children he had ever seen. “So loving, and they have no idea that humans failed them by discarding them,” she said. They behave as though they want to become best friends with everyone that they come in contact with.

The puppies were given the names Zinfandel, Malbec, Grigio, Merlot, and Riesling by the rescue organization. Nobody can fathom how anyone could get rid of such adorable puppies in such a callous manner. It is highly likely that they were an unexpected litter, or something along those lines, which emphasizes the significance of spaying and neutering pets. They are currently doing well and becoming increasingly playful on a daily basis, and their new friends at the rescue organization can’t wait for them all to find families who will care for them.

Elder remarked that their performance was remarkable. It’s unfathomable that the vast majority of them are still up for adoption! They are incredible, and we pray that they will find loving homes in the very near future.

By Anna

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