The spirits of speechless dogs are kind and kind, and they are always eager to provide a helping paw to those who are in need of assistance.

Recently, a dog by the name of Hades showed the world how big of a heart he has by extending the use of his doghouse to a pregnant stray cat so that she and her unborn kittens might have a place to live that is free from danger and full of comfort.
Juan José P. Flores, who is Hades’ loyal owner, makes their home in Mexico with Hades.

The kind-hearted pit bull brings the pregnant stray cat inside the doghouse so that she may give birth there.

He had long seen a stray cat that would sometimes visit their neighborhood or pass by his home. Although he was unable to touch the cat, he would always leave food outside for the lonely creature.

After watching his master carry out a selfless act, Hades felt compelled to follow in his master’s footsteps as soon as possible.

When Juan was at home one day, he was startled to hear someone knock on his door. When he first saw it, he thought it may be a guy. When he opened the door, he was taken aback to see his dog standing at the entranceway.

Juan immediately understood that his Pitbull was attempting to communicate something very important to him.

The Dodo reports that a kind-hearted pit bull welcomed a pregnant stray cat into his home.

He wasted no time in chasing after his dog and arrived in time to see a moving event. Hades extended an invitation to move in with him to an apparently pregnant stray cat that seemed to be on the verge of giving birth.

Kind Hades, upon seeing the cat’s precarious position, kindly offered the cat’s potential mother the safety and protection of his refuge.

Juan was overjoyed by the kind gesture, and he was quite proud of his dog.

Hades never moved from his perch next to Nicol the cat and kept a watchful eye on her.

The kind Pit Bull provided shelter to an expectant stray cat, and the pregnant cat eventually gave birth in the dog home to two adorable kittens.

After a few days had passed, Nicol went into labor and gave birth to twins. It didn’t take Juan long to figure out that Nicol and Hades had developed a strong friendship.
And now, with the birth of the gorgeous kittens, Hades has began to behave like a father — a compassionate, loving, attentive, and caring father — to those little creatures. This is all because to the fact that Hades is acting like a father to those adorable kittens.

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