When Jason and Travis Kelce competed for their respective teams, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, on Sunday, they made history by becoming the first set of brothers to ever compete against each other in the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for the Kelce family, only one of the brothers could take home the trophy.

Travis jumped for joy on the winner’s stage with Patrick Mahomes, who was named MVP of the Super Bowl, after the Chiefs upset the Eagles 38-35. On the other side, Jason was seen becoming upset when he met his mom on the field after the game, and he instantly gave her a bear embrace thereafter. This was seen by the spectators.

Following the conclusion of the game, the National Football League (NFL) took to Instagram to share a moving video with the caption, “Mom’s always there.”

In addition, Jason gave Travis a bear hug on the field following the Chiefs’ triumph, which was Travis’s second victory in a Super Bowl.

Even though the two brothers had faced off against one other in the course of the regular season prior to Sunday, the matchup that took place was monumental.

During the most recent episode of their New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce podcast prior to the game, Travis described being the first pair of brothers to play each other as “crazy” and “sort of bizarre.” Jason and Travis Kelce are the first set of siblings to compete against each other.

“It seems like people have been asking me this question throughout my whole professional life. If you played your brother in the Super Bowl, how would you feel about the situation? I’ve spent the whole time thinking along the lines of “That’s been the aim.” It’s a little disturbing because it’s truly taking place right now “He proceeded further.

During the podcast, Jason, who was a member of the Eagles team that won the Super Bowl in 2018, said that his aim has been to go to the big game. Travis underlined that having both of them there is an even more meaningful accomplishment than having just one of them there.

He said, “Now someone’s got to ship their sibling back to their family.”

Then Jason continued: “Did we really believe that it was going to be the two of us? I really have no idea. I entertained the possibility that it may occur, but up until this past week, I never really expected that it would. I thought to myself, “Man, anything like this may really take place. We may really be able to host a New Heights Kelce Bowl, and we might in fact be engaged in this activity.”

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