A horrifying motorbike accident left a lady with her face “torn off,” but she has already had reconstructive surgery and looks completely different.

After the car collision in Bangkok, Thailand, Mint Keerati Yimprang had face wounds that were described as being “life-changing.”

She believed that she would be permanently disfigured and had lost her self-confidence. She would frequently avoid looking in the mirror for fear of seeing the harm.

She claims that after undergoing fantastic reconstructive surgery in South Korea, her life has been completely turned around.

Mint, a nurse, said: “I was in a severe collision while riding my motorbike. My face was mangled and bloody in several places. It came dangerously close to being pulled off, and I nearly lost my beauty.

“Even though I didn’t end up sick, I had to go through a nightmare each and every time I looked at myself in the mirror,” she said.

Following her appearance on the television program “Let Me in 2 Thailand,” the producers of the show sent Mint to the “plastic surgery Mecca” of Thailand for treatment “The city of Seoul in South Korea

Mint’s scars have been reduced to the point that they are almost unnoticeable, and she claims that she can now return to a regular life.

She went on to say that “The damage was so severe that I nearly didn’t have enough time to recover before the operation.

“In addition to that, the cost was very high.

“But the door to the miracle that was waiting for me opened, and I was given the opportunity to resume living a regular social life.

“When my mother first saw me after the operation, she rubbed my face in disbelief as she scratched her head and tried to accept what she was seeing. She had so much love in her heart.

“After the collision with the motorcycle, there was a significant scar on the same spot, but it has now disappeared. I feel like a lovely girl again.”

By Elen

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