Nine months after giving birth to her first child, Rihanna is eager to go back to doing what she does best: working.

During the Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show press conference, the Fenty founder and singer, who is 34 years old, discussed how having her son prepared her to perform on stage for the first time in seven years and the challenge of maintaining a healthy work-life balance as a mother.

She noted that striking a healthy work-life balance is almost difficult since, no matter how you look at it, having a job is always going to be something that takes away time from spending with your kid.

Rihanna and Rapper A$AP Rocky had their first child together in May of 2022, and Rihanna has said that the experience has made her much more deliberate about the things to which she says yes.

“That is the money that is used currently, therefore that is where it is exchanged. The magnitude of the object’s weight in units of measurement. When you are choosing whether or not to agree to anything, you need to ensure that it will be beneficial to you “— I quote her.

Rihanna also discussed her initial reluctance when she was offered to perform only three months after giving birth to her child. She said that she was unsure whether or not she should accept the invitation.

“I was like, ‘You sure? I am now three months after having my baby. Should I be making significant choices like these at this point in time? I might come to regret doing this “she reflected on it,

But in the end, the increased confidence she gained as a mother helped her realize that she was prepared to take on one of the most prominent roles in the entertainment world.

“When you become a mother, something inside of you changes, and you begin to feel as if you have the power to take on the whole world. You have limitless potential. And the Super Bowl is one of the largest platforms in the world, so despite the fact that it was terrifying for me to perform again after a hiatus of seven years, there was something exciting about the challenge of it all “— I quote her. “This is a year in which it is essential for me to do this task. It is essential for the purpose of representation. It is essential for my youngster to have that understanding.”

She also recognized the significance of her attendance to represent “immigrants, represent for my nation, Barbados, and advocate for Black women worldwide,” she added. “I am here to speak for all of us,” she concluded. “That is really necessary for people to comprehend the opportunities. And it is a privilege for me to be here. It is a privilege to be able to participate in this event this year.”

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