Susan Lucci, a famous figure from the world of soap operas, recently discussed the possibility of falling in love again and stated that she is not yet prepared to return to the dating scene after the passing of her spouse Helmut Huber.

At the age of 84, Huber passed away in March 2022 after a long career in television production as Lucci’s manager. Nearly 53 years passed during their marriage. Lucci was his wife.

The two individuals first connected with one another in the 1960s while dining at the Garden City Hotel on Long Island’s Red Salt Room restaurant. At the time, Lucci had just graduated from college and was working as a server at the hotel, while Huber, who was born in Austria, was the hotel’s culinary manager and head chef.

Because Huber was nine years older than Lucci and effectively her supervisor at work, he didn’t dare make a move on her because he was afraid she would reject him. However, in an interview with People published in 1999, he said that he was taken aback the very first time he laid eyes on his future bride.

Despite this, Lucci was already engaged to another guy and chose the Garden City Hotel as the location for her engagement celebration. Even though Huber was there to watch the celebration, he did not hold back from telling Lucci’s mother that he does not believe this relationship would be successful.

It turned out to be the case that Lucci ended up calling off her engagement and subsequently began dating Huber. After going out together for a total of nine months, the pair finally tied the knot in September 1969. By 1970, Lucci had also secured the part of Erica Kane on the daytime soap opera “All My Children,” which she would go on to portray for the next four decades.

The union between Lucci and Huber proved fruitful, since it resulted in the birth of two children: Liza and Andreas. Huber made the decision to leave the restaurant industry as her career began to take off and become her manager instead. In addition to establishing themselves as one of the most successful show business couples in New York, the pair founded a production company.

Lucci broke down in tears when speaking to Rosanna Scotto of “Good Day New York” ten months after the passing of her husband and said that she is not yet prepared to discover a new love interest. Lucci said that others have been attempting to hook her up with someone, but despite their efforts, she is unable to see herself going out on a date. On February 1, 2023, while participating in an event hosted by the American Heart Association, the actress provided the same responses again.

“(Dating) is not something that has crossed my mind…

“He left a big footprint that will be difficult to fill,” Lucci added.

In an interview given in the year 2021, the actress joyfully disclosed that she thought that she was incredibly fortunate to be in a long and stable marriage with Huber. She used phrases like “confident” and “extremely clever” to characterize her spouse, and she said that he “always made her laugh.” Due to the fact that she was just 22 years old when she became a major TV celebrity, he was the one who helped her and became her rock.

At the Daytime Emmy Awards in 2022, which were held in memory of Huber after he passed away, Lucci talked about the love of her life while accepting the award.

My late husband, Helmet Huber, was a force of nature that was bigger than life. He was a capable caretaker who understood precisely how to make things happen while at the same time keeping us all in good spirits.

On the other hand, the actress said that she had been hanging out with several pals who were often traveling. As a lady who lives alone, she is appreciative that she is surrounded by such kind individuals. According to several sources who spoke with Radar Online, Lucci thought that the dating landscape had changed significantly since the last time she was single, and that she was uneasy with the idea of online dating or even blind dates.

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