The query “How do you wake her up without frightening her?” is one of the queries that Aiden Michael Mann gets asked on a regular basis. He is the proud owner of a canine companion who is unable to see or hear.

The dog’s owner came to the conclusion that it would be beneficial to post a video on the internet demonstrating his easygoing and endearing routine for reawakening his puppy, Plum.

In the video that he posted on Instagram, in which he was seen laying on the ground and blowing gently at the dog, he said that he “barely blows on her.” “Up to the point when she touches me, she continues to respond with a little bit of surprise. She then asks that love be given without conditions.

A suggestion was offered in the comments to bring a treat up to her nose in order to awaken her with scent, and Aiden confessed that this is something that he does on occasion. On the other hand, if I don’t have any food, this is the only method to keep her from urinating when I wake her up.

They snuggled one another when she roused him with her “wake-up” cry, and it was particularly sweet when Plum laid her paw on his face.

He put “Daddy’s here” on the video that he uploaded. “And for all eternity it shall endure.”

By Elen

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