As a teenager, you have an insatiable need for new experiences. Character may be developed in adolescents by challenging themselves to ride their bikes farther than they have ever gone, by descending slopes faster than they can manage, and by assisting animals who are in need of assistance. In Acadia Parish, Louisiana, three young men were prepared to demonstrate their moral fortitude, and in the process, they would become revered figures in the community.

As they went down the street on their bikes, the adults saw something in the grass that the three boys had missed.
Three young people, probably all about 13 years old, were pedaling bicycles without heading in any particular direction. They just so happened to be going about their business when they came upon a puppy snoozing in the grass. They have decided to check into it despite the fact that this isn’t really out of the ordinary.

After giving the dog a more thorough examination, the crew discovered that it had suffered significant injuries.

The three children got off their bikes and went up to the canine, which they saw sitting still in the middle of the yard. Because it was in such poor health, it needed immediate medical attention. They contacted an animal rescue organization and stayed around to see if there was anything they could do to help.

Haseya’s New Beginning Animal Rescue came to the scene and took control of the situation as soon as they arrived.
The three boys, Wade, Tyler, and Brayden, came to the conclusion that it would be best for them to wait for aid while they remained by the dog. Because the wounded dog was so near to the edge of the road, the three children flipped their bicycles over to form a barrier that would prevent passing vehicles from coming too close to the animal.

Even though it was unable to move, they observed that the dog sometimes moved its head to look at the three people who had come to its aid.

When the children observed that the dog was keeping an eye on them, it gave them reason for cautious optimism for the life of their new friend’s family. When the animal rescue team came, each member brought their own car, which they joined to the already existing blockade of bicycles. Volunteer Katie Leblanc said:

If they hadn’t come, he very certainly wouldn’t have made it through the ordeal alive. That stretch of the road is too narrow for them to have been riding on, which is why the assertion is so ludicrous.

According to the outward signs, the dog had been injured in a collision with a vehicle.

The employees helped one another move the puppy onto the blanket, and then they loaded it into the van. It was imperative that he be brought back to the shelter in order for him to obtain medical attention. The volunteers saw that he was hobbling on one leg, which may have been caused by an injury to his hip; nevertheless, the nature of his condition could not be determined at this time. As soon as they got to the refuge, they administered some pain medication to him and then started their investigation. Added Wade:

Wade stated, “Having the knowledge that we were able to save the dog made me feel good.”

The individual who asked why said that it was because “we gave the dog a second opportunity that he would never have had.”

The animal shelter has provisionally been calling the canine Wade in recognition of one of the individuals who was responsible for finding him.

After doing some research, the shelter found out that Wade already had a permanent residence and a family that was achingly waiting for him to join them. Over a week had passed since anybody had seen Taz, the dog. After years apart, Taz was able to track down his family and reconnect with them thanks to Facebook.

It meant a lot to Taz’s family that the boys had stopped, and they were happy to be back together as a unit again after all this time apart.

In a world where it is easier to ignore an injured dog, those three young men made the decision to intervene, saved a life, and reunited a family. One one those moments, particularly for someone who is 13 years old, has the potential to radically transform how one sees the world.

By Elen

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