Herron said in the birth announcement that their “wonderful baby Oliver Brown was born on January 28th at the age of 24 weeks.” “Soon after that, he passed away as his father was holding him. The extent of the loss and the suffering that we are going through cannot be adequately expressed in words. It’s stunning, yet at the same time, it’s heartbreaking. He had my nose, the lips of his dad, and lengthy fingers.”

Along with the announcement, the 36-year-old woman published a series of photographs, the first of which showed her with Oliver pressed to her bosom while Brown planted a kiss on her forehead. The other photographs covered a wide range of emotions, from the happy days of Herron’s pregnancy when the couple eagerly anticipated becoming parents to a tragic look at the couple’s sorrow after the loss of their child.

“Oliver, our IVF miracle, defied so many odds and battled through so many hard milestones to be here, but the higher powers still had other plans for the three of us,” the statement added. “Oliver, our IVF miracle beat so many odds and fought through so many hard milestones to be here.” “Even though our time together was brief, we are thankful for the days that we were able to spend with Oliver while he was still in my womb. He has imparted to us a great deal of knowledge about the genuineness of life, love, and passing. Oliver brought an incredible amount of love into our house and our hearts, and most importantly, he brought optimism.”

She said, “Baby Oliver was born for a profound and significant reason that is far greater than anything any of us will ever be able to comprehend. His body was not very big, but the things he left behind are going to make a big impression on us.”

Now, Herron clings to the recollections she has of Oliver while he was still developing inside of her when she was pregnant with him.

She said in her letter that Oliver had swum with sea turtles, that he had kept her company as she healed from a shattered knee, and that he enjoyed the food of his father. “Oliver adored his morning habit of lying heart-to-heart with his brother, Rio, on my lap the most of all,” said their mother.

Rio is the family pet, and Herron previously characterized him as a protective “stage five clinger” when she was pregnant with her child.

Herron went on to add that in spite of the immensity of the couple’s loss, there are parts of Oliver’s brief existence that provide them with solace. She said that these are the things that Oliver would have wanted.

 “Even in the midst of all that’s happened, Oliver has remained such a brilliant light. We’ll never comprehend the brutality of it all.” We adore you in every way, little son. You are irreplaceable in every way. You are the epitome of excellence and perfection.

In the thread of comments that followed Herron’s article, other contributors to Bachelor Nation offered their most sincere condolences and words of encouragement.

“Oh, lovely Sarah. Emily Maynard, who was featured on Season 15 of “The Bachelor” and Season 8 of “The Bachelorette,” issued an apology to the show’s viewers. “I’m so sorry.” “I literally am at a loss for words. Oliver will continue to be a guiding beacon of hope in this dark world for both you and Dylan. I wish there was anything more I could do or say in this situation. I will remember both of you in my prayers, and I will especially pray for the grace of God, which is beyond our comprehension. I can’t even begin to express how sad I am… the state of your situation has completely crushed my heart. I couldn’t wait to see a new post from you whenever I signed into my Instagram account because I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. I am aware that it is difficult to believe at this time, but I promise you that God is going to redeem your narrative in such a significant manner. I promise.

Catherine Lowe, who starred on season 17 of “The Bachelor” with Sarah Herron and later married the show’s star, Sean Lowe, sent a remark to the post that said, “Oh Sarah, I am so very sorry. I wish I could give you a hug right now because what you are going through must be absolutely wrenching; you are such a lovely mother. I am thinking about the two of you and sending you lots of love at this difficult time.

And the former host of “The Bachelor,” Chris Harrison, contributed his own message to the conversation by simply stating, “God bless you all, Sarah. We adore you ❤”

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