A guy who was 89 years old and suffering from dementia fell in love with a nurse who was just 19 years old. Olivia Stone opted to overlook the fact that many people disapproved of their relationship and instead chose to make their affection for one another known in a public forum on the internet. As time went on, many realized that the reason they got married was really something terrible!

The United States of America is Olivia Stone’s home country. She works as a nurse’s assistant at a hospice. She was given the responsibility of providing care for 89-year-old Lee Hopkins, who suffers from dementia. Olivia’s admiration for the guy has only grown stronger as time has passed. In her social media posts, she admits that she has the desire to live a good life, but she also asserts that she is pleased with her life, that she is happy, and that she is madly in love with Lee. On the other hand, these two are well-known to everyone, and everyone has some kind of professional connection with them, either as a patient or a nurse. Since Lee’s wife died away two years ago, he has struggled with feelings of isolation. He claims that he has “fallen in love” all over again now that he has overcome his loneliness thanks to Olivia’s presence in his life.

It has been made known by friends! Olivia claims that she will be the only inheritor of her late father’s inheritance.

Users on the internet are now wondering if Olivia married the old guy out of genuine affection for him or whether she did it for his money after taking advantage of his dementia. Olivia, however, asserts that she has discovered “true love.” When Olivia and her friends came together after her and her husband’s wedding in September of the previous year, she made the unintended statement, “When Lee Hopkins passes away, I will become the only heir to the estate.”

Olivia constantly joked about Lee’s illness and how she was counting down the days until she would become a widow in the anticipation that the old man would soon die away. She hoped that the jokes would speed up the process of Lee’s passing. Due to the fact that she was the old man’s legal wife, it was presumed that she would be the only inheritor in the event that everything went according to plan.

This ridiculous fantasy has been brought to the attention of a great number of people who use the internet, and one “Reddit youngster” from another country by the name of Lian Dengzai has even shown interest in it. Because he was so angry, he even threatened Olivia by saying that he would turn off Twitter on a certain day.

Happiness is not something that can be purchased with cash. To paraphrase a sentence from the movie Forrest Gump, there is only a certain amount of money that a guy genuinely needs, and the rest is merely for showing off.

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