Nothing could ever prohibit Heart from seeing her closest buddy, Soul. It just wouldn’t be possible. Following the shocking discovery that they had been left by their family to fend for themselves by the side of the road, the two puppies remained close to one another for the purpose of maintaining their body temperature and protecting themselves from harm. When there was no one else around to love and care for them, they turned to one another as a source of love and comfort for one another.

Because of this, when Soul was hurt in an accident one day, Heart remained by his side even after aid came, refusing to leave his side even though he needed medical attention.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis’ chief lifesaving officer, Donna Lochmann, told The Dodo that the dog in question was barking at passersby and acting protectively while doing so. “She wasn’t being confrontational at all; rather, she was letting everyone know that that person was her buddy, that he was injured, and that she was keeping an eye on him,”

While Lochmann was on her way to the shelter, she unexpectedly came across the accident, and she did not hesitate to assist those who needed it.

“First, I got Heart in the front seat, put her on a leash, and buckled her in,” Lochmann recalled. “I made sure she was safe.”

The person who had rescued Soul then got a blanket and carefully laid her on top of it. She brought the wounded puppy to her vehicle and stowed him into the back of her Jeep with great care.

Heart refused to take her eyes off Soul the whole time they were in the vehicle, despite the fact that she was safely secured in the front seat.

And after they arrived at the shelter, she continued to be a reliable watchdog for her closest companion.

According to Lochmann, “She observed, and it seemed like she was keeping an eye on the vet.”

X-rays taken shortly after they arrived at the shelter showed that Soul’s injuries were far more serious than his saviors had first believed them to be. Regrettably, there was nothing that could be done to assist him in any way.

Heart was brought back into the room with Soul by the workers of the shelter so that they may spend their dying moments together.

According to Lochmann, “she rested with her head on his, almost as if she were embracing him farewell.” “As he continued on his way without incident, she was right there.”

To the very end, Heart was there for Soul whenever she needed it. The others who were caring after them all felt her anguish as well.

Lochmann highlighted how everyone’s emotions were being torn apart by the situation.

When it came time to break up the bonded pair, the caregivers were aware that Heart would need more love and attention in order to get through her period of mourning. Heart was given a much-needed wash as well as a peaceful room at the shelter where she could get some rest when she arrived there. The employees at the animal shelter immediately began formulating a strategy to bring the dog back to her long-lost companion.

“We knew that we wanted him to be with her, so we purchased a tiny charm that you can open up and put ashes in,” Lochmann said. “We thought it would be the best way for them to be together.” “Some of his ashes were placed in it, and we fastened it to her collar,” you say.

The necklace also has a little golden wing attached to it; this wing is meant to symbolize the presence of Soul in Heart’s existence.

Lochmann shared his observation that “he is with her all the time now.”

Before being placed in a foster family, Heart was only in the shelter for a short period of time. Her friends at the shelter will miss giving her plenty of hugs and kisses on a daily basis, but they are relieved to learn that she will finally get the life she deserves in a family environment.

According to Lochmann, “she’s doing well and enjoys being with the folks in her foster home,” which she described as “her second family.” “A lot of affection is being showered onto her.”

Heart has not yet found a home that will be hers for the rest of her life, but her friends at Stray Rescue of St. Louis will make sure that Soul follows her no matter where she goes.

“The small charm we gave her can only contain a few ashes,” Lochmann added. “We got it for her before she passed away.” We will see to it that the remaining portion of his ashes is interred beside her.

The pawprint of Soul’s closest buddy, Heart, and her family will take it with them to their permanent home so that they will always remember him with affection. Even though they were forced to part ways, there is no question that they will stay inseparable forever.

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