David Beckham, a legendary soccer player, is a devoted father to his four children. David and Victoria Beckham were overjoyed to learn that they were going to have a daughter for their fourth child. The couple already had three boys when they found out that their fourth child was going to be a girl. Although David is well-known for his skills as a soccer player, the sportsman acknowledges that becoming a father is the most important role he has ever played in his life.

A few short months before David and Victoria Beckham tied the knot in 1999, they were blessed with their first child, Brooklyn Joseph Beckham. After the birth of their son, Brooklyn, the new parents decided to get married and start a family. They quickly added two more children to their brood: Romeo James Beckham in 2002 and Cruz David Beckham in 2005. Brooklyn is now the oldest of their four children.

At long last, in the year 2011, David and Victoria found out that she was expecting once again—this time with their fourth child. Naturally, the Beckham family was thrilled to learn that they would be welcoming yet another little Beckham into the world, but hearing that they would be having a daughter put them “over the moon.” On July 10, 2011, Harper Seven Beckham was brought into the world.

David revealed the story behind the naming of his daughter, explaining that they decided on Harper since it is an ancient English name. They chose it because of its association with Harper Lee, the author of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and because of the relationship between the two. On the other hand, the soccer star and his wife feel that the name Seven has a special spiritual meaning for them.

Why has David’s Daughter been Subjected to Body Shaming from the Time She Was Born?
Unfortunately, being the kid of a renowned player comes with publicity, and internet users have concentrated on Harper since since she was only a small baby. This began while Harper’s father, Michael Jordan, was at the height of his athletic career. A great number of people on Twitter expressed their opinions over her weight, with one user writing, “Look, I know that chubby kids are good infants, but you really gotta be cautious or you’ll wind up with a Harper Beckham problem…” Someone else pointed out:

I’ve heard that poor little Harper Beckham already has a weight problem that prevents her from wearing her mother’s clothing.

Later, in 2017, little Harper once again became the focus of vitriol online when internet users rushed to social media to remark on her weight after a vacation to the beach with the Beckham family. The event in question was a beach trip taken by the Beckham family. Some others believed that at that time, Harper ought to have already shed the baby weight. Another user said in the caption of a picture of her with her father that:

It might seem that someone consumes an excessive amount of unhealthy food.

David wanted to respond when he saw the relentless online bullying, but his family and friends advised him not to poke the bear because a response would most likely have triggered more ill-natured comments from other users. Despite David’s desire to respond, his family and friends advised him not to poke the bear. Despite this, Victoria and her husband were unable to tolerate their daughter being treated with contempt.

How can David, a doting father, ensure the safety of his only child?

As a result of these events, David’s level of vigilance and concern for the safety of his daughter has increased significantly. The soccer player revealed to the media that he and his wife have sought to protect their daughter from becoming the target of body shaming and other forms of cyberbullying by stating that they have, for the most part, prevented their daughter from using social media. Despite this, they are aware that it poses a potential risk. This is what Victoria said:

“Since Harper does not use social media, there is no need for us to be concerned about this just now. Nevertheless, when I consider how vicious individuals can be, I must admit that it does [worry me]. In spite of the fact that she has reached the age at which her body will begin undergoing changes, the most important thing is that we have an open line of communication as a family and that she maintains positive relationships with the people in her life.”

David also tries his best to ensure that she has a lot of wonderful experiences to look back on when she gets older. It is quite evident that David has a soft spot for his only child, as shown by the fact that the doting father often updates on his Instagram account about their most recent escapades. In a number of films, he explains how, when on vacation, they often make impromptu stops for ice cream and other treats and explore the local area.

The only child of the family showers his only daughter with an abundance of affection. They gave in to their sweet tooth by indulging in their favorite delicacies by getting gelato in Venice at nine in the morning (the athlete added, “Don’t tell mommy.”) and having doughnuts with the rest of the family. In addition, it is plain to see that Harper is developing into a thoughtful and kind young lady.

Victoria also said that her and David’s youngest child’s daughter does not want to wear clothing that is very exposing or cosmetics. In point of fact, Victoria said that Harper had chastised her while she was a member of the Spice Girls for wearing outfits that revealed too much skin. The celebrity mother thought back to how horrified her daughter seemed when she first saw it, and she vowed that she would “never, ever” wear anything even somewhat comparable.

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