Only legendary figures may be seen milling around within this structure.

Meryl Streep, 73, who has won an Academy Award, has joined the cast of the blockbuster Hulu series Only Murders in the Building, which has officially begun production for its third season. Steve Martin made the announcement about her joining the ensemble on Wednesday.

“Production of the third season of “Only Murders in the Building” has officially gotten underway! A dream team, if you will “Martin, who is 77 years old, put the caption on Twitter next to a black and white picture showing Streep and Martin laughing beside Martin Short, Selena Gomez, and Paul Rudd, who is their new co-star.

Martin’s post prompted a response from the show’s official Twitter account, which said, “It is an HONOR to have Meryl in our building!”

Gomez, who is 30 years old, also posted a video on Instagram showcasing the cast members as a way to share her delight at Streep’s participation in the production. The image was captioned by the Golden Globe candidate with the following: “I could weep season 3 is coming!”

“Hey, everyone, we’ve arrived at the set! Why are we taking these pictures? Third season! Everyone has been reunited!” Gomez says this as she rotates the camera to focus on her co-stars Martin, 77, and Short, 72. “Yay! Could things possibly go from here to better? Oh, wait!”

After that, she throws the camera over to the newest member of the ensemble, 53-year-old Paul Rudd, who teases, “Well, I do believe it might get a little bit better.”

Gomez and Martin are joking around about what Rudd may have meant by his statement when all of a sudden, Streep appears over Gomez’s shoulder in a fun manner.

“Steve, would you want a pillow to sleep on?” After laying a cushion behind Martin’s back, Streep asks him, and he responds by thanking her. “Marty, do you need anything at this time?” A short response to Meryl Streep’s inquiry by humorously informing her, “Just the tea that I had wanted for half an hour ago, thank you.” Streep then continues her line of questioning.

“I’m alright. Thank you, ma’am. You’re lovely, “Gomez then reveals this information to the star of The Devil Wears Prada before clearly responding to Streep by starting to open her mouth in surprise.

Streep is the most recent actor to join the cast of OMITB for its upcoming third season. At the conclusion of the second season of the show, it was disclosed that Short’s character Oliver was given the opportunity to direct a Broadway production that featured a famous actor named Ben Glenroy, who was portrayed on the show by Rudd, who had previously held the title of People’s Sexiest Man Alive. That is, until the opening night performance when Ben suddenly passed out in front of a whole crowd.

At the time, the co-creator of the series as well as an executive producer named John Hoffman said in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE that the choice to hire Rudd for the unexpected part “was a genuine piece of dream casting for us.”

He dropped a hint by saying, “As those who are familiar with our program are aware, many surprises are in store for the narrative of ‘Ben Glenroy’ in our season 3.”

According to information provided by D.e.a.d.line in October 2022, Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams is also scheduled to make an appearance in the series. There is no information available about his personality or background.

The critically acclaimed first episode of Only Murders in the Building was released on Hulu in August of 2021. The online streaming service announced in July that it will be renewing the series for a third season while it was still airing the second season this summer.

Only Murders in the Building is now available to view in its entirety on Hulu, beginning with the first two seasons.

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