Russian kid presenter and model. In 2017, the British edition of The Daily Mail deemed her to be the “most beautiful lady in the world,” and awarded her with the title accordingly.

Soon, she will become nine years old. Together with her mother, she oversees the management of her own Instagram profile, which now has more than a million followers.

Not only is Nastya stunningly gorgeous, but she also has a creative spirit and is completely at home in front of the camera. She gets approached by prominent manufacturers with a variety of filming opportunities, and some musicians want ladies to feature in their music videos.

Recently, Nastya’s mother updated her Facebook profile with new images of her daughter. She looks very different in these pictures, and the attention is drawn to her “branded” bangs, which she has combed behind her ear.

Obviously, there are some people who only remember Anastasia as a typical kid and are unable to appreciate the exquisite beauty she had even then.

Despite this, the vast majority of her supporters are continually effusive in their praise and best wishes for her.

By Elen

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