Marie Osmond is not going to change her mind about her decision to exclude her children from her will and inheritance.

The former country singer, who is now 63 years old, has revealed that she intends to give away her fortune to charity rather than leave it to her seven children.

“Why, in all honesty, would you want to give your kid the opportunity to not attempt to be anything? According to an interview that Osmond gave with Us Weekly, “I don’t know anyone who becomes anything if they’re simply given money.” “If you want to offer your kid the finest present you can, in my opinion, that gift is the drive to find out who they are on the inside and the desire to work. I mean, I’ve done a lot of different things, from creating dolls to a lot of other things as well. I am someone who enjoys attempting new things, and I am eager to do so. I come in in the end.”

Osmond, who rose to prominence at an early age as a member of the world-famous Osmond family, is the mother of eight children, including Stephen, 39, Rachael, 31, Jessica, 35, Brandon, 26, Brianna, 24, Matthew, 23, and Abigail, 18. Michael, her son, had only turned 18 when he took his own life in 2010.

The singer is certain in her belief that passing on money to subsequent generations may make them less inclined to put in hard work.

“That is one of the regulations that I have with my children. If you begin anything, you must see it through to the end in order to avoid having to repeat the task in the future. In addition, I believe that receiving an inheritance encourages a sense of entitlement as well as a sloth. I put in a lot of effort, and now I’m going to reward myself by having a good time with my husband “said Osmond, who reconciled with her first husband, Stephen Craig, and remarried him in 2011, more than 25 years after the couple had previously divorced.

Osmond made her first disclosure on her future financial goals in the year 2020, during a part of The Talk in which the presenters were discussing the passing of Kirk Douglas in February of that year at the age of 103. The charitable organization will benefit greatly from the movie star’s decision to leave the majority of his riches to them.

Osmond told her co-hosts, “I’m not leaving any money to my children,” and she went on to explain why. “We are really proud of you, children. Together with my spouse, we came to the conclusion that… If you were to merely hand your children wealth, I believe you would be doing them a big disservice. By doing so, you would be robbing them of the opportunity to labor, which is the single most essential gift you could provide to your children.”

Osmond continued by saying that youngsters who come from rich households often “get in trouble” because they “don’t know what to do.” “Let them be proud of what they create, and I’m going to donate mine to my charity,” she said. “Let them be proud of what they make.” “Additionally, she said.

In spite of her words, Osmond added that she had no difficulty providing financial assistance to her children throughout their life, whether it be to assist them in the purchase of a house or a vehicle.

Osmond, who has previously said that she has discovered a significant amount of value during the course of her six-decade career in the entertainment business, believes that it is a vital lesson for her to encourage her children to achieve financial success on their own.

In January 2022, she shared her thoughts with Yahoo Life, saying, “I’ve been really privileged to view my job as work and my life as life.” “In the entertainment industry, I believe that’s where a lot of people end up being confused. It’s possible that their sense of value is entirely dependent on their performance at work. But life is wonderful, and I don’t need to be performing to be content with it. I always have the ability to smile.”

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