True and Faithful Pet Rescue Mission is responsible for taking in Twinkle when they discovered her in the month of June exploring the streets of Miami by herself. She was terribly underweight, and her teeth were decaying, yet she started getting all the love and care she deserved almost immediately despite the fact that she looked terrible.

According to Lisa Letson, president and founder of True and Faithful Pet Rescue Mission, who was interviewed by The Dodo, the dog “spent a few weeks resting at the vet’s office following surgery and started to put on weight.” “She put on some weight, and what a beautiful doll she turned into! She was adopted at the beginning of September by a charming family who seemed to be amazing.

Around the time of Christmas, Twinkle’s new family emailed the rescue to let them know that after four months of owning her, they wanted to return her to the organization that had rescued her.

According to her adoptive parents, Twinkle would scream her lungs out all through the night because she wanted to sleep in the same bed as them. The family also had several older Chihuahuas, and as they would not let any of them lay in bed with them, they came to the conclusion that Twinkle would not be a suitable addition to their family and returned her to the rescue organization.

According to Madison Mulvihill, the social media coordinator of True and Faithful Pet Rescue, “Twinkle was beyond upset and bewildered.” This information was shared with The Dodo. “I recall coming [into] the main dog room to find her sitting in the corner on a dog bed, trembling with dread, and cut off from the rest of the room. She stared at you with such bewilderment and anguish on her face, and her heart was clearly hurting. The owners passed her back to the other side of the fence when it was time for her return. She kept turning around to stare at the fence, and it was quite challenging for us since we have no idea why someone would do anything like this to her.

Twinkle’s one and only wish was to spend the night in close proximity to her family, and the fact that they were unable to grant her this wish shattered her heart. Everyone at the rescue was utterly heartbroken about what had happened. They had all adored her from the moment they first laid eyes on her, and they couldn’t fathom how anybody could give someone with a kind and kind spirit back.

“Twinkle is not only just lovely, but she has the largest personality despite only weighing 3 and a half pounds,” said Mulvihill. “Twinkle is not only just adorable, but she has the biggest personality.” When she wants to be liked by you, she won’t shy away from approaching you since she loves the spotlight. When she walks across the grass at the ranch, she does it with the sweetest tiny hops and the most infectious smile you’ve ever seen. She is well-mannered, knows how to walk on a leash, and gets along well with other canine companions. When she needs her back stroked, she will paw at your palm like this. ”

When Twinkle got back to the rescue organization, her pals posted about her on TikTok in the hope that someone would connect with her narrative. To their surprise, the whole of the internet fell in love with her almost immediately. The animal rescue organization’s inbox was rapidly inundated with inquiries about adopting Twinkle, and the time has come for her to go on to her new, permanent home.

“Her new family has six other dogs and a big king bed with plenty of space for her to lie in with her new family at night,” said Mulvihill. “Her new family is really excited to have her join their pack.” This senior will finish the remainder of her life with the knowledge that “real love” exists.

She just wants to love and be loved as much as she possibly can, and she’s finally found a family that will accept her for exactly who she is. Twinkle just wants to love and be loved as much as she possibly can.

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