David Arquette, the star of the “Scream” film franchise, has been married to his second wife, Christina McLarty, since 2015. He has acknowledged her as the brains behind their happy union as husband and wife as well as producing partners. Christina McLarty is also the producer of the films in which David Arquette has starred.

At a boat party in 2011, Arquette met McLarty, who is a journalist and a TV producer, and they immediately hit it off with one other. A year before they met, McLarty had recently ended her marriage to Joe Francis, who was the founder of the popular adult entertainment franchise “Girls Gone Wild.” At the same time, David Arquette and his first wife, “Friends” superstar Courteney Cox, were in the process of finalizing their divorce after ten years of marriage. McLarty and Arquette met a year after their respective divorces were finalized.

On his radio program, Arquette described his then-new girlfriend, McLarty, saying that she was someone who made him feel good about himself and that he felt good about being with her. However, due to the nature of their profession, which included frequent travel and shooting on location at various locations, the two would engage in a relationship that was on-and-off for a period of three years until they had a son in the year 2014.

Charlie West is McLarty and Arquette’s first child together, although Arquette already has a daughter named Coco, whom he shares with Cox. Coco had just turned five years old when her parents decided to end their relationship.

After being together for four years prior to their wedding in 2015, Arquette and McLarty ultimately tied the knot in Los Angeles. In addition to Coco and her mother, the couple invited their two basset dogs who have always been a part of their family to attend their wedding.

In 2017, Arquette and McLarty became parents for the second time. They decided to name their kid Augustus Alexis in memory of Arquette’s sister, who had gone away the previous year. Arquette said that his wife, who is now caring for their young child in addition to carrying their second child, has been an incredible example of fortitude during the difficult second pregnancy.

In an exclusive interview that took place in January 2023 with Closer Weekly, Arquette revealed that marriage is difficult, but he and his wife have discovered the key to a good relationship:

“You need to find out how to actually make it work with one other, to hear each other and allow each other to be themselves, but you also need to have your solid limits,” the therapist told the couple.

Arquette and McLarty, in their capacity as parents, make it a priority to participate actively in the lives of their kids. Their mother and father never miss an opportunity to show their support for Charlie and August at any of their many Little League baseball games. Additionally, Arquette said that his boys’ mother is responsible for the development of their eccentricities, senses of humor, and personalities.

The actor and McLarty also collaborate in the production of live events and television series, as follows:

“I owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to Christina, who is both my wife and my producing partner. She is literally the mastermind behind the whole scheme. The lady who was standing behind the male.”

Arquette, meanwhile, couldn’t be happier about the fact that Coco has started taking driving lessons. He has kept up a positive co-parenting relationship with Cox, although he noted in an interview with 2020 that there are challenges to raising a teenage daughter:

“Even though we haven’t had an easy go of it, we’ve managed to be incredibly honest with each other and supportive of one another,” she said.

However, the actor is thankful that he and Cox did not have to engage in a “war” with each other throughout the process of their divorce since it would have made what is already a challenging procedure much more so. Arquette has said that he maintains contact with his ex-wife for the sake of his daughter Coco, particularly in regard to her developing emotions and sentiments as a young lady.

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