The dog had become so emaciated that she was unable to stand on her own. However, as she sat on the heap of rags that was below her, a small chain that was around her neck stopped her from lowering her head. Instead, her head would be suspended from the chain like a pendulum.

A mechanic who lived near San Jose in Costa Rica had been keeping the dog, whose name was Cala, as a guard dog for some time. However, the mechanic only provided Cala with a little amount of food on a very infrequent basis, and he did not take her to the veterinarian when she became ill.

In an interview with The Dodo, Lya Battle, the creator of Territorio de Zaguates, said, “I felt profoundly sad and irritated.” “The photograph that I first saw of her depicted a wretched creature that had been stripped of its dignity and was ready to give up. It showed a dog whose spirit had been destroyed and who was waiting for the end to arrive while enduring a never-ending nightmare.”

Cala was taken from the premises by the police and the team from the sanctuary, and then they took her to the veterinarian, where she received treatment for her injuries caused by the chain that had been around her neck. After that, Cala relocated to Territorio de Zaguates, and it was there that she remained while she recovered both mentally and physically.

“Her healing process was slow, and the humans around her still had to cause her pain through the curing of her wounds.” “Nurturing her was just as terrible for her as it was for us, but gradually she recognized that following the agony came to love and rewards, so she learned to cope with it like a champion.”

When Cala initially arrived at the sanctuary, she didn’t get along with the other dogs there, which led Battle to suspect that either Cala had never been around other dogs before or that she had been taught to be aggressive against them. But Cala’s confidence in the humans and the other dogs were earned one step at a time over time.

According to Battle, “We witnessed Cala move from a weak, frail animal who was too sad to care to a stronger creature who was prepared to stand up for herself.” “We saw Cala go from a weak, feeble animal who was too unhappy to care.” “As time passed, we were also able to see that independent being adopt a sense of humor and playfulness into her everyday activities. The more time that went on, the more of her unique personality traits we could see. She moved from being afraid of people to trust them and would even ‘bug’ them for attention when she wanted it.

But Cala had a long way to go before she could put her difficulties behind her. In the month of June, someone sneaked into the sanctuary and lay out sausages that had been baited with poison, which ultimately resulted in the losses of 16 dogs. Cala had also consumed a sausage, but for some reason, she managed to stay alive.

Battle said that Cala was still conscious when they arrived at her location. “It’s possible that her size allowed her to better handle the dosage; alternatively, she may have only managed a nibble or two of it. In any event, Cala made it out alive. After that, she suffered from neurological issues for a time, but eventually, she made a full recovery from them. She’s one tough cookie, that’s for sure!

Battle went on to say, “I don’t believe that life is full of coincidences.” “Cala endured years of abandonment, years of torment, years of starvation, and years of disease for a number of years. She was holding on to life for a purpose, and she had already discovered that it had been worth the lengthy wait by the time humans re-entered the scene with the intention of hurting her. Therefore, despite the fact that we were utterly heartbroken by the passing of all the others, the fact that Cala had been able to pull through was simply so appropriate given her character.

Following this event, Cala relocated to a foster home, where she is now receiving a great deal of love and care. According to Battle, Cala has also developed a reputation for being rather naughty, but her foster mother adores this trait.

Cala appears to be getting all of the puppy misbehaving processes out of her system after years of neglect, torture, and imprisonment, and we all think that’s just fine, said Battle. “After years of neglect, torture, and imprisonment, Cala seems to be getting all of the puppy misbehaving processes out of her system.” Her foster mother and family have done a wonderful job of spoiling her, and as a result, she is cheerful, strong, determined, and even a little bit obstinate.

Battle has saved a great number of dogs throughout the course of her existence, and she will save an even greater number in the future; but, she considers the tale of Cala to be especially encouraging.

“This rescue is an epic war of good vs evil and of hatred versus love,” declared Battle, and in the end, as it always does, love triumphed over hate. “This rescue” “This rescue is the type of love-wins-don’t-give-up rescue that feeds our stubborn crazy for a little longer,” said the captain.

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