This little video is our gift to every living creature on every planet in the universe. Every every day, individuals in different parts of the globe give up their pets.

This incredible short video, made by Zs√≥fia Zsemberi, does a wonderful job of portraying to us what it very surely would be like to be a dog who has been left It’s possible that if everyone saw this, it might help cut down on the number of leftThe Special and Inspiring Statement That The Movie Brief Makes About Abandoned Pets Really Hits Close to Home pets.

This is especially important to keep in mind during the holiday season when people are more likely to give pets as gifts than of making long-term commitments to care for them. What a creative and efficient way to hammer home the point that has to be made.

This little film is our present to all living creatures on earth, and we really hope that you will like it and that it will have an effect.

By Anna

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