Their daughter, Hallee, finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of owning a dog when she began volunteering at the local animal shelter. There, she fell head over heels in love with a puppy, and when she found out that it had been adopted, it broke her heart. She was completely oblivious to the fact that her parents were working on putting together an unforgettable Christmas surprise for her.
Hallee Fuqua had a specific request that she wanted to make for Christmas, and she had been making it for years. She longed for a dog in her heart and soul. However, she was a student at Oklahoma State University, and the recommendation that she hold off until after she completed her education came from her parents on a consistent basis.

Hallee came to the conclusion that the best way to help fill the void would be for her to become a volunteer at the Humane Society of Stillwater. Present were a few other dogs there, but a Plott Hound and Lab mix called Rambo was the one that truly won the sophomore student’s heart.

The two hit it off straight immediately, and soon after, Hallee started coming to Rambo’s house on a daily basis.

Even though he was a large adult dog, which made it more difficult to find him a home, all he ever needed was to be showered with affection. He had no other requirements.

Hallee made the following statement to the Stillwater News Press:

He did not speak a word. Even if a large number of dogs were barking, he would simply sit there. His capacity for cuteness is enormous. He has the mentality that he is a huge lap dog.

As Hallee became more connected to Rambo, she began communicating with her parents by sending them videos and images of him. After a while, Jessica, her mother, had an epiphany about something.

She provided the news outlet with the following information:

“I simply got a sense that he should be here,” she said. There is no more “No” in my vocabulary. It seems like if he were a part of our own family.

Without Hallee’s knowledge, her parents offered her the opportunity to adopt Rambo, who was two years old, for the holiday of Christmas. However, since the holiday wasn’t until a few weeks away, the Humane Society assisted, and they kept the adoption a secret from everyone.

The terrible day finally arrived when Hallee learned that her dog friend had been sent away to a new family. Her father, Lance, is the one who made the statement that “she was broken.” Hallee was completely unaware of who was on the other end of the line. When the parents saw how distraught their daughter was over Rambo, they came to the conclusion that the best way to comfort her would be to give her an early Christmas gift. What they were able to capture on video is breaking the viewers’ hearts and turning them into puddles.

Rambo is seated on a leash and wearing a pair of adorable reindeer antlers as he waits for his family in front of their house. Hallee, with her mother’s assistance, manages to unlock the door, and upon looking inside, she is completely taken aback by what she sees. She had prepared herself for the possibility that she might never see the dog again. Hallee, who is overcome with emotion, begins sobbing as soon as her pal enters their backyard. After that, Dad lets go of the leash, and the dog hurries over to greet his new master with affection.

Because Hallee is unable to hold back her emotions, the situation is very upsetting. Rambo is welcomed inside by further members of his family as they open the door for him. Hallee is responsible for identifying at least one possible answer. As she turns to face the camera, she poses the question. Is she mine? After Hallee found out that “yes,” she was the new owner of Rambo, she continued to scream uncontrollably. In point of fact, watching the footage will make you want to get a box of tissues for yourself!

Rambo, thankfully, was one of the lucky dogs that was finally adopted into the most ideal permanent home one could possibly imagine. Hallee received the most amazing present imaginable, and she will never forget what she received.

By Elen

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