Now that the young girl’s leg was swelled and she was unable to stand, a neighbor had been taking care of her and feeding her whenever it was feasible to do so. Similar to what I saw, she had a wound on her temple.

They were able to get her and bring her back to the animal hospital, where they could examine her in further detail and also treat her with pain medicine.

They tried their best to tell the dog that everything would be well and calm her fears, but the dog remained fearful and uncertain about everything that was going on. In point of fact, things would almost immediately begin to drastically improve!

Her fractured leg was immobilized with a splint, and she was instructed to get a lot of rest after that. Her disposition improved as she began to feel much better, and the discomfort gradually diminished, but she continued to harbor some fear in those large shiners. There was only one thing left to do, and that was to check in on little Suzie today.

By Anna

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