The child was swimming in a disorganized manner at Port Noarlunga when the sea started carrying him farther and further away from the shore. He became exhausted very quickly, and he longed for someone to save him.

It was a fortunate coincidence that Max, a Staffordshire bull terrier, and Bulldog mix, was already wearing his life jacket when he happened to see all of the commotions. The dog did not give it a second thought before leaping into the water and swimming the whole distance to safety in an effort to assist in any way he could.

When Max arrived, the child was able to grab hold of the dog’s vest and be carried back to where they were standing on dry ground. 

Rob, who owns the dog, was so swept up in the situation that he forgot to ask the child his name. However, he would still want to get in touch with the child or his family to see how he is doing and see if they can provide any updates.

By Anna

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