Even if it can’t really cure scars, makeup may help individuals learn to live with them. And this is precise what beauty expert Goar Avetisyan, who was born in Armenia but now lives and works in Moscow, focuses on. Avetisyan often performs makeovers on women who are battling cancer or serious skin disorders. Her work not only makes a significant difference in the patients’ looks but also significantly improves the patients’ confidence.

The fact that Avetisyan has amassed 4.6 million followers on Instagram is not shocking when one considers the before-and-after pictures of the people she photographs. They have contoured their faces brilliantly and applied copious amounts of concealer, lip liner, and clouds of hairspray, and they all seem enthusiastic about their new appearances. Please scroll down to see the incredible makeovers and vote for your favorites at the bottom of the page.

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By Anna

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