Not only will they be born on separate days, but also in different years, fraternal twins in North Texas will celebrate their birthdays in distinct ways.

According to reports from Fox station KDFW, the fact that Kali Jo Scott and Cliff Scott’s kids were born just minutes apart marked a significant achievement for both of them at the moment of their delivery. Annie Jo was born to the couple at 11:55 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, making her the last baby to be born at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton in 2018.

Their daughter Effie Rose was born at 12:01 a.m., only a few minutes later, making her the first child to be delivered at that particular hospital in the year 2023. She was born immediately after the clock struck midnight.

The new mother told the publication, “I really adore it.” “I find it to be very humorous and a lot of fun overall.”

The girls will each have their own birthday, which is something that most sets of twins do not get to experience. This has the parents quite happy.

According to what their mother shared with the media source, “You always still want to make sure that they have their own particular identity and feel that they are special and unique.” The phrase “one will always receive the glitter and confetti of New Year’s Eve and one gets to start it off with a brand-new year on New Year’s Day” is a play on the phrase “one will always get the glitter and confetti of Christmas.”

She also said that “everything went pretty smoothly,” despite the fact that Annie and Effie ended up coming about a week and a half earlier than expected.

The mother said in a post she made on social media that both of her daughters “came out healthy and joyful and weighing 5.5 pounds.”

“Cliff and I are delighted to present Annie Jo and Effie Rose Scott!,” she said. She put the caption with a series of adorable photographs of her family and said that they are “simply so eager for this trip!”

In addition, Texas Health Systems sent a letter of congratulations to the couple and their newborn children. They congratulated the joyful family and our new babies by writing, “Congratulations to the happy family and our new years’ babies!”

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