When Rylee Boland and her French bulldog, Mochi, were out socializing in California one day, a vibrant little stranger decided to pay them a visit for a visit. Rylee was surprised and delighted by this unexpected guest. It turned out to be a queen butterfly, and it had made its way to the wall of their yard in order to bask in the sun and warm its wings.

Almost immediately, Mochi dashed over to provide a warm greeting. Even though Mochi is generally such a boisterous puppy, she seemed to recognize that the fragile insect would be more comfortable with a more subdued manner of greeting.

According to Boland, she was quite gentle and had no intention of causing it any harm. She is exceptionally well-mannered and had the most generous of hearts. And the butterfly stayed within sniffing distance for an extended period of time, presumably picking up on the fact that the curious puppy had no intention of doing him any damage.

Mochi and the butterfly both exhibited remarkable composure. This endearing exchange continued for around 15 minutes, following which the butterfly flew away on its own.

The amazing sight that unfolded that day was made possible by the widespread sentiment of kindness and trust that was present among those there.

You’re probably familiar with the routines of young puppies and dogs; this would make for a great image.

There is so much sweetness packed into such a little box… in addition to a butterfly.

By Anna

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