There can’t be more heartbreak than when you have to say goodbye to your faithful companion. In my view, there is no other experience that could top the feeling of seeing that dog again and being reunited with him. One family had this really unfortunate event with their chocolate lab, and to make things more more unpleasant, it took place over five years after the first incident.

Before conducting a raid on a property in Ohio where 166 dogs and cats were being kept prisoner, the Humane Society of the United States found Chuckie when they were checking the animals for microchips in preparation for the operation. They found an Indiana family who had been looking for their Labrador for the last five years and matched him up with them.

You can see the heartwarming reunion that they had in the video that can be found below. In addition to being successful in saving these 166 animals, the Humane Society was also able to return some of them, like Chuckie, to the families who had originally cared for them.

By Elen

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