One of the cutest relationships in the world is that of a canine and a feline companion. We have shared with you enough anecdotes to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that domesticated canines and felines can get along famously.

Even though there are no cats that can imitate dogs, many cats like the strong sensation they get from behaving like dogs. The situation is very much like that in the other tale. A poor and disoriented tiny kitten by the name of Kozy was once abandoned on the street in a helpless and confused state.

She was fortunate enough to be rescued by a lady who had three huskies and reared them herself. Even though she is now an adult cat, Kozy still considers herself to be a big, brave dog much like her “brothers.”

She has a strong sense that she is a member of this other family.

It should not come as a surprise given that they went through childhood together.

She loves fooling people with her flexible body skills and just having fun in their presence by playing with them.

Kozy is protected, and it’s possible that the feeling of protection that she gets from her dog brothers helps the cat feel much more certain than she really is.

By Elen

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