When one guy drove away from his local drugstore, he was taken aback to see a stray dog sitting in the driver’s seat of his car. This presented him with a significant challenge. Imagine going out to your vehicle and seeing a dog already inside of it when you get there. According to what Rodrigo Coelho shared with Bored Panda, “He went inside my vehicle as if he didn’t have a care in the world, sat down on the seat, and didn’t want to go out again.”

Rodrigo knew that he needed to find the owner of the dog despite the fact that the circumstance at the moment was somewhat endearing. Because he also had a dog, he could empathize with the worry and concern that the dog’s owner must have been experiencing as a result of not knowing where their pet was. Rodrigo’s dogs already had a considerable following on social media, so he turned to their one million Facebook followers for help.

He posted a picture of the gathering along with all of the pertinent information on social media in an attempt to locate the owners of the business. The dog’s owners were eventually found thanks to the article, which attracted a lot of attention and was effective in doing so.

Thor was the name of the dog, and Dayane and Maicon were the people who owned him. The owners were thrilled that Rodgrio was able to bring their treasured dog back to them despite the fact that Rodgrio had discovered the dog more than 8 miles away from their house.

By Elen

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