This small puppy, who had been abandoned on the side of a desolate road, had every cause to be wary and anxious about its surroundings.

But in spite of the harrowing experience that the puppy had to through, her trust and loving instincts were never far from the surface.

Georgiana Neag, an animal rescuer, recently posted some tragic video of the time she came across a young puppy who was abandoned while she was travelling in Romania.

After Neag has stopped the vehicle, the pet dog, who seems to be quite afraid, dashes up to him. Because of the ordeal that her pet had to go through, she began to question whether or not anybody would ever be good to her.

But after she was taken into a secure environment, her little puppy rapidly flourished — we are grateful that she is able to feel comfortable enough to return to being her lovely self again.

Dodo overheard Neag say something to the effect of “when I saw her, I knew I had to take her home.” “Love without conditions has the power to mend any shattered heart. When she was in my arms, she felt protected.

It is possible that the means by which the dog arrived in this perilous location are not fully evident. However, one thing is abundantly evident.

Her prospects for the future are brighter than ever.

She identified herself as Paula. “She plays a lot, yet she always seems to be in my shadow,” stated Neagu. 11 months of pregnancy, and a love bundle”

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